What Is a Newspaper from theVeryRight.com?

The world’s best political news aggregator was built because of the simple lack of a great place to go get real news, even in the 2020s.

We all have our favorite places to get news. We may have been going there for years and may have built trust in the publications made available, both the types of articles and the content.

Problem is, mainstream news in its entirety is predominately based on a streaming conduit of Reuters/AP news. The other types of news they broadcast, such as meaningful, in-depth analyses and exclusives, are more an exception than the norm, despite the fact that all that’s reported by news stations gets framed as reality that’s already been verified by the news stations themselves.

Up until the talk radio boom in the 1970s, not only was mainstream media the only way to get news, it was the only source for opinions about the news. In the 1990s, the Internet magnified talk radio and for the first time gave voices of individuals platforms for discussing politics. Mainstream news has been collapsing since, especially post-Trump.

More money exists for mainstream media reporters if they sell out to criminal agendas than if they attempt to tell the public the truth. More often than not, eventually mainstream media reporters simply get laid off if they prove they are morally worthwhile. The biggest benefit to watching mainstream news is simply the fact that it appeals to our lazy sides – it’s a visually stimulating entertainment production made easily available through the TV.

The alternative media universe operates independently from the Reuters/AP-fed headlines, the biddings of the corporatocracy, governments and the fiat financial system. Its coverage of mainstream narratives very often only exists for the purpose of debunking the narrative and emphasizing how ridiculous it is, often in a satirical or otherwise humorous manner focusing on the narrative’s inherent irony and the mental disregard of its believers.

The biggest downfall of alternative news is that it is ragtag, especially to the outside observer, who is used to the tens of millions for operating expenses provided by special interests and direct fascist government financing to mainstream media to promote corporate and government propaganda. The ways in which it is ragtag, however, pertain not to the quality of the news relative to mainstream media but instead to things like not wearing expensive attire while on air, or simply being able to say the things that can’t be said on bought and paid for corporate news. Another important way it is ragtag is that far fewer news heroes with traditional and nontraditional industry resumes are commanding the alternative media ship.

The comprehension of alternative media journalists actually tends to be a notch above the young brainwashed, hired by mainstream media, who write at you like you are stupid for not following the official narrative, who always arrogantly frame themselves as vastly informed and intelligent for simply going along to get along. Of course, if one believes a narrative rather than reality, it’s not because one is informed, or intelligent, or even reasonably misled. In reality, the believer just lost intellectual dignity along the way.

Why News from theVeryRight.com?

The worlds of mainstream and alternative media are big; so big, it’s nowhere close to possible to always look at all articles published. Some political news aggregators do exist that include even more articles than theVeryRight.com/news handpicks but those aggregations are built by RSS feeds – it’s literally robots simply throwing at you everything they can find on the websites they’re programmed to scrape. Such news has no human touch capable of rooting out the less meaningful articles, the overwhelmingly inaccurate articles, the pointless propaganda that’s very soon to be forgotten forever, the duplicate articles, etc. A robot cannot select the most worth capturing of several similar articles available. Another important human aspect to news archiving is that some alternative media sources are simply better than others and it takes many years of diligence to accurately determine the nature and trustworthiness of their character.

Before theVeryRight.com, the best alternative news aggregators were independent spheres of influence. Their interconnectedness only existed when an aggregator happened to look at another aggregator’s website and decided to repost. A reader may have found one of the best websites on the Internet for getting quality news but it still only provides a fraction of the day’s news that merits attention. TheVeryRight.com/news is designed to eliminate the castle walls separating the world’s best news aggregators by integrating them, archiving together in the form of a heavily illustrated electronic newspaper the best and most original content, focusing on alternative media. The content in a theVeryRight.com/news newspaper is by no means exclusively content from the news aggregators in theVeryRight.com/news’ daily scope but the primary goal is to archive the most meaningful from the most important in the fight for freedom vs. the corporatocracy, evil governments, the world governing bodies, corrupt media, the medical police state, the parasitic financial elite and their evil allies.

How a theVeryRight.com Newspaper Is Made

A theVeryRight.com/news newspaper starts with the most important headlines from mainstream media. Sometimes there are very few in a day that are honest and factual enough to truly matter much. Other days, there may be a dozen or more that should be read and archived. Often, mainstream media articles are included merely to explain the latest narrative.

Next, Infowars gets checked, which is not typical conservative right wing, it’s actually libertarian and more independent, but you may not know it by watching mainstream media, or until a neoconservative Republican like George W. Bush is planted into office. Infowars does not pump out many articles of its own and instead is a compilation of many regular authors and mirrored content from several affiliate news providers, such as Information Liberation, Campus Reform, Reclaim the Net, Summit News and more.

Breitbart, the following stop, has a conservative and Christian bias but very often produces unique content and highlights international events that often have been lazily or deliberately missed by other outlets.

Zerohedge is reviewed next, which focuses on financial news but often captures bits of news domestic and international that get neglected by other aggregators despite their importance. The best of The Epoch Times gets mirrored on Zerohedge for fee-free viewing. Often, mainstream media articles get mirrored by Zerohedge and other aggregators so you can dodge their paywalls, such as Reuters, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg articles.

Other aggregators may also get checked but the last that’s always visited is The Gateway Pundit, which many perceive as having a heavily conservative and pro-Trump slant. When covering election news, GP has been heroic, consistent and real-time, the best in the country.

TheVeryRight.com/news’ final articles are reserved for election and election integrity news from all publications.


Especially after embarking on the journey to provide the world’s best political newspaper, the reasons why others have not also attempted the long-term feat of making a news organization with comparable functionality to theVeryRight.com/news makes lots of sense.

#1: Immense Self-sacrifice
For a nearly photographic memory/reader, a full sweep of the news cycle takes 3.5-4.5 hours every weekday and also once on Saturday. Literally half of the workday of a theVeryRight.com/news newspaper maker is sacrificed in the name of providing the most informative and the most meaningful. theVeryRight.com has yet to receive even one donation and every hour is strictly volunteer work. Whoever holds the torch must make a living given half the time others are granted in a day. The hope that the perennial sacrifice will truly pay off someday is merely a leap of faith.

#2: Workload
The amount of reading required in order to make a theVeryRight.com/news newspaper is no joke. A competent reviewer must go through every article provided by the best aggregators to assess possible informational value. If an article passes the initial filtration and is deemed newsworthy enough, or if it must first be read to determine its value, it must be thoroughly examined before potential inclusion. A typical newspaper requires the review of roughly approximately three hundred headlines. On average, 15-20% of articles are fine tooth combed for the most meaningful content. Unlike other aggregators, the most meaningful content is often appended to the headline. Very often, headlines could use a little grammatical or background informational help, which may be as simple as changing a word or two, or as complex as a complete rewording. All headlines must be retyped into standard form for optimal readability. The legwork involved in getting all of the right article links, hand-picked picture links and info into the news template is 30-40% of the overall workload.

#3: Qualified to Assemble the Newspaper
Anyone could stop their lives as they presently exist and begin work on their own newspaper, given they are willing to endure the sacrifices. That doesn’t mean the newspaper will be worth reading. Whoever makes a theVeryRight.com/news newspaper must have extensive knowledge of the functionality of society, including but not limited to government, politics, the judicial system, elections, constitutional rights and the nature of the corporatocracy vs. the nature of humanity. The editor must have vast comprehension of the sciences, the economy, official historical narratives, what actually happened, and practical avenues for tyranny such as modern medicine, among other necessary pre-established research backgrounds.

#4: Proven Predictive Track Record
No one wants to get news from someone who’s new to the news and new to trying to predict the future. TheVeryRight.com/news is built upon the expertise that was required in order to write the book The Fall of America: The Rebellion Awakens (2013.) Designed as a blueprint for understanding the New World Order, several predictions in it have already come true, such as the deployment of a virus used as a means for accelerating the process of overturning the free world to the New World Order, the construction of a robotic police state both combatting and replacing humans, the deliberate implosion of the economy and the Obama-era, terroristically-encouraged uptick in racial hysteria compared to the end of the previous century.

#5: Must Keep Up with the Political Gambling Markets
The newspaper maker must pay attention to new political gambling markets and existing market prices in the new token market industry of political prediction: PredictIt, Kalshi, Insight Prediction, etc. Fresh news about these markets often still has value given a reader reads the newest edition soon after publication time.

#6: Technical Knowledge
The newspaper maker must have the website publication skills required to be able to construct and maintain operations.

#7: Continual Discipline
The newspaper is published regularly weekdays by 12:30 PM ET and only skips Christmas Day. Don’t miss even one edition! TheVeryRight.com/news never has.

“The man who does not do his own thinking
is a slave and is a traitor
to himself and his fellow men.”
– Robert Green Ingersoll, 1833-1899

Common Ideas of the Contributors of theVeryRight.com


Freedom transcends all divisions

Liberty and the pursuit of happiness

American Constitutional rights

Property rights

Free speech

Moral decency, transcendent of religion, required for a healthy society

Historical accuracy: knowledge cannot be claimed from blindly believing history books censored by history’s most evil conquerors without the diligent application of sober historical discernment

Journalistic integrity: we are voluntary and uncensored with the sole intent of exposing the truth, whereas mainstream media is bought and entirely controlled by the richest of the most evil 

Mainstream journalists accept that their content comes from anti-human criminals and monopoly men. They are not allowed to care about what is actually newsworthy and in the interest of the betterment of the general public without risking being fired.

Alternative media journalists are allowed to tell the truth without being puppeted.

At theVeryRight.com, none of us are dumb enough to cite mainstream media as reliably factual. Viewers trust mainstream media for news because they get lost in their many confidence games. Viewers assume mainstream media journalists, paid to work by oligarchs who assumptively are interested in telling the truth, attempt to be moral and get the story right. We necessarily include content from mainstream media when critiquing mainstream media’s coverage but, when it comes to reporting facts, our primary goal is to provide many of the most important articles and content from alternative media, providing voices of liberty a new, permanent platform.

It’s not about whether you’re on the political right or left, it’s about being correct.



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Common Ideas of the Contributors of theVeryRight.com