2020 Presidential Election Voter Fraud in Michigan
– a theVeryRight.com Investigative Report

The 2020 Presidential Election and Covid-19 Testing – a Celebratory Compilation of the First Year of theVeryRight.com

Election 2020: a Pre-programming Guide
– by Geoff Linsley

Live from Release of “The Pit”: a Vital Strategy Session
– by True the Vote

Official Public Release: “Uninformed Consent” Documentary — an in-Depth Look into the Covid 19 Narrative
– by Matador Films

The Attempt to Prosecute Donald Trump Is Unleashing More Than Our Political System Can Handle
– by William L. Anderson

Artificial Intelligence: a Secular Look at the Digital Antichrist
– by Brandon Smith

Americans Spend Much More on Pharmaceuticals
– by Katharina Buchholz

Watch: Alex Jones on The War Room: “If They’re Able to Silence Me, They’ll Be Able to Silence Everybody”
– by Alex Jones on the War Room

Playbook of the Democrat Party — Cloward and Piven
– by Economic Noise

Deep State Slams Free Speech Pioneer Alex Jones — My Thoughts
– Michael Baxter

Repression, Terror, Fear: the Government Wants to Silence the Opposition
– by John & Nisha Whitehead

FBI Raid Against Trump a ‘Blatant Abuse of Power’
– by Tulsi Gabbard

“Completely Unprecedented,” Warns Trump Raid Is “Deathblow to Democracy”
– by Martin Armstrong

FBI Trump Raid Exposed
– by Alex Jones, Steve Bannon, Roger Stone & Robert Barnes

‘Bulls**t!’: Ballistic over FBI’s Raid against Trump, Says ‘It’s about Jan. 6’
– by Megyn Kelly on FOX News

Why the “New World Order” Is Impossible to Implement without Creating Mass Chaos
– by Jakub Bożydar Wiśniewski

History Repeats Itself: Democrats Are Using Tactics of the Marxists of 1917 in Russia – Their Final Assault on America Begins… Tonight
– by Jim Hoft

The Thunder Rolls: Donald Trump Releases Dramatic Political Video after FBI Raid at Mar-a-Lago
– by Donald Trump

FBI Raid Against Trump Signals Deep State Coup Has Begun: Alex Jones & Roger Stone Respond
– by Alex Jones and Roger Stone

Comment on FBI Raids on Mar-a-Lago: “This Is Not About Trump – This is About You and Me”
– by Dr. Gina Loudon

Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip Exposes Foolishness of Interventionism
– by Ron Paul

The American People Will Get the Worst of Both Worlds — Inflation and Recession
– by Peter Schiff and Laura Ingraham

Calling for the People to Back Independent Media Before It’s Too Late
– by Alex Jones and Laura Loomer

Lies, Damned Lies, & The January 6 Committee
– by Paul Sperry

The “Unvaccinated” Question (Revisited)
– by CJ Hopkins

Flashback: the Biometric Prison Planet of Death
– by Alex Jones

The Unstoppable Force of Truth in the Information War
– by Greg Reese

Entertainment Companies Start Dumping Woke Content as Viewership Tumbles
– by Zerohedge

Watch: Political Ad Shows How Real Politicians Should Act
– by Mindy Robinson

The Tyranny of Coronaphobia
– by Ramesh Thakur

Watch: the Federal Reserve Has Usurped the Power of the People and Must Be Ended
– by Steve Bannon at CPAC

Watch: Next President Must ‘Remove Rogue Bureaucrats and Root out the Deep State’
– by Donald Trump at CPAC

Who Relies on Taiwanese Trade?
– by Florian Zandt

Joe Biden’s Open Border Policies a “Crime against Humanity” that Deserves “the Eternal Shame of History”
– by Stephen Miller and Maria Bartiromo

Watch: Harriet Hageman Stars in Best Campaign Video in Wyoming History
– by Harriet Hageman

Supply Chain Problems Will Persist Because the System Is Being Sabotaged
– by Brandon Smith

Human Cannibalism Being Pushed by the New Green Movement
– by Greg Reese

Court Documents Reveal Canada’s Travel Ban Had No Scientific Basis
– by Rupa Subramanya

Paper Money
– by Thomas Paine

The Lockdowns Kicked Off This Depression
– by Jeffrey A. Tucker

Subpoenas to Return ‘Treasure Trove’ of Documents from Biden Administration: Louisiana AG
– by Zachary Stieber

The Three I’s of a Police State Education: Indoctrination, Intimidation & Intolerance
– by John & Nisha Whitehead

Watch: Alex Jones Witch Hunt Trial is a Violation of Basic Civil Rights
– by Alex Jones

Democrats Are “Counting on the Left-wing Base that Thinks the World Is Going to End in 12 Years”
– by Ari Fleischer on FOX News

Graphic Video: Covid Vaccine Genocide 2021-2022
– by Dr. Joseph Mercola

More Mindless Government Fascism to Save the Day: the Mind-Blowing Stupidity behind the $280 Billion ‘Chips for America Act’
– Rob Smith

Watch: Blasting Biden for Bragging about Killing Al Qaeda Head
– by Tucker Carlson

Inflation Reduction Act: Another DC Lie
– by Ron Paul

21st Century Sacrificial Altar – Exclusive Report
– by Jon Bowne

Calling for Investigations into the UN, Biden Regime over Migrant Crisis
– by Marjorie Taylor Greene

We Didn’t Expect Anything More from the Two-Tiered Justice System – One Day the FBI Will Come into Your Home” – Nicole Reffitt’s Emotional Warning to Americans after Her Husband Is Sentenced to 7 Yrs for Protesting Outside US Capitol
– by Nicole Reffitt

Watch: “We’re at War with the Deep State Globalists”
– by Catherine Austin Fitts

How Much Land Does the US Military Control in Each State?
– by Avery Koop

Endgame 1.5 — Advanced Blueprint for Global Enslavement
– by Infowars

No Farmers, No Food, No Life
– by Carla Peeters

The Great Reset Docuseries: the Technological Reset
– by Rebel News

Bizzaro Biden Emerges Juiced to the Gills
– by Jon Bowne

The Environmentalist Trojan Horse of the Depopulation Death Cult
– by Greg Reese

My List of Studies & Government Data from Around World Showing the Covid Vaccine is Dangerous and Deadly, and the Worst Health Care Disaster in World History
– by Wayne Root

Aerospace Engineer and Former State Senator Patrick Colbeck Releases a Must-Read: “The 2020 Coup, What Happened. What We Must Do”
– by Jim Hoft

To Take Back Our Culture We Need to Build Our Own Media Army
– by Brandon Smith

Watch: We Are on the Verge of an NWO Currency
– by Jon Bowne

‘If Biden Was a Dog, You’d Put Him Down’
– by Comedian Rob Schneider

There Won’t Be Any Winners because the Status Quo Is Corrupt Everywhere
– by Charles Hugh Smith

Joe Rogan Warns Americans about TikTok: China Knows ‘Every F—ing Thing You Type’
– by Ariel Zilber

The Phoniest, Most PR-Intensive War of All Time
– by Caitlin Johnstone

FBI Scrambles to Protect Biden Crime Family
– by Jon Bowne

The End of American Justice – Special Report – Alex Jones as the New Precedent
– by Greg Reese

Big Tech’s Blueprint to Stop a Red Wave in 2022
– by Allum Bokhari

Video: Alex Stein Blasts Uvalde City Council – ‘You’re a Direct Reflection of These Cops — They Were Cowards!’
– by Alex Stein

The Fed Just Got Rid of Forward Guidance Because It’s Making It Up as It Goes
– by Ryan MCMaken

Video: The Biggest Crime Ever Committed on Humanity – Covid-19 Vaccines
– by German MP Christine Anderson

A Pandemic of the Triple Vaccinated
– by Ramesh Thakur

Get Ready For The Vaccine Death Apocalypse
– by Bill Gates Is Evil

Ugly Covid Lies
– by Ron Paul

Watch: DNA, the Perfect Weapon
– by Jon Bowne

Alex Jones’ ‘The Great Reset’ Book Rockets to Top of Amazon Charts
– by Steve Watson

Serious Questions Remain after Michigan News Channel and AP Publish Election Results One Week Before Actual Election
– by Jim Hoft

Three Months that Wrecked the World
– by Jeffrey A. Tucker

US Now under a Totalitarian Culture Much Worse than the Soviet Union
– by Noam Chomsky with Russel Brand

“There’s Going to Come a Day of Reckoning”; People Will “Rise Up”
– by Rand Paul

ESG Is A Globalist ‘Scam’ Meant To Usher In ‘One World Government’: James Lindsay
– by Cindy Drukier

Video: Ted Cruz Says His “Pronoun Is Kiss My Ass”
– by Ted Cruz

Where Central Banks Have Issued Digital Currencies
– by Katharina Buchholz

What The J6 Committee Doesn’t Want You to Hear: Patrick Byrne Explains What Trump’s Options Were after the FBI Warned the 2020 Presidential Election Was ‘Hacked’
– by Patrick Byrne

Watch: an Epic Defense of the Second Amendment
– by Indiana Republican Rep. Victoria Spartz

“2023 Will Be a Year from Hell” – Martin Armstrong Warns of Inflation-Driven Civil-Unrest
– by Greg Hunter

Watch: WEF Admits Population Control Is a Top Issue – Promotes Reducing Number to What It Was in the 1500s
– by Owen Shryoer

Learn How Biden is Being Targeted for Removal by the Globalist Establishment
– by Alex Jones

The Climate Change Transition to Mass Starvation and Death
– by Jon Bowne

The Final Stages of Globalist World Domination: “The Ukrainian War Is Not Merely a Money Laundering Operation, It Is a Linchpin to Transfer the Global Economy out of the Money Printing of Central Banks and Directly into the Hands of the Globalists Controlling the IMF.”
– by Jon Bowne

Digital Authoritarianism: AI Surveillance Signals the Death of Privacy
– by John W. & Nisha Whitehead

Fed Fights Inflation Monster It Created while Destroying Dollar, ‘Jekyll Island’ Author Warns
– by G. Edward Griffin and Daniela Cambone

Seven Major Effects of Covid-19 on Parents, Students and Schools
– by Bruno V. Manno

Toleration Does Not Require Calling Evil Good
– by Zachary Yost

This Is What Happened to US Workers – Socialist Democrats Are Paying People to Stay Home while Destroying the Economy
– by Joe Hoft

Climate Change Dictates Are Self Destructive – but Also Part of a Bigger Agenda
– by Zerohedge

The Countries Capable of Launching Space Rockets
– by Katharina Buchholz

Watch: Covid Vaccine Shedding & Blood Clots
– by Framing the World

America Just Bailed Out a Bunch of Pensions at the Taxpayers’ Expense
– by Bruce Wilds

The Real Policy Error Is Expanding Debt and Calling It “Growth”
– by Charles Hugh Smith

How Pfizer Profited from the Pandemic
– by Dr. Joseph Mercola

The Scary Truth about Merrick Garland that Should Have the American People Worried
– by the War Room

Explaining the Forces behind Woke Capital: “Perhaps the Most Incompetent Presidency, Vice Presidency and Cabinet in the History of Our Country”
– by David Sokol

Jaap Hanekamp: Dutch Nitrogen Scientist Questions Basis of Government Climate Mandate
– by Nathan Worcester

World War III and the Imminent Collapse of the US Dollar
– by Greg Reese

Ukraine: This Proxy War Has No Exit Strategy
– by Caitlin Johnstone

Watch: The Government “Has Gone from Saying It Was the Most Secure Election in History to Saying the Machines Shouldn’t Be Used” – Exclusive Interview
– by Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne

What Is the “Council for Inclusive Capitalism?” It’s the New World Order
– by Brandon Smith

Central Bank Digital Currencies Are Coming – What Will the Consequences Be?
– by Brandon Smith

New insights on Klaus Schwab’s ‘You Will Own Nothing and Be Happy’: How AI and the Internet of Things Will Control Everything You Do in Life
– by Leo Hohmann

The Inflation Monster that Our Leaders Have Created Is Voraciously Eating away Our Standard of Living: “The Average Worker Has Lost the Equivalent of Almost $3,400 in Annual Income Since Biden Took Office”
– by Michael Snyder

Wake Up! Even The Masks Made You Sick!
– by Jon Bowne

Dutch Farmers Rise Up against Food System ‘Reset’
– by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Putin and Xi Using Western Wokeness as a Weapon: WSJ Op-Ed
– by Zerohedge

Are Democrats Buying Votes By Extending Pandemic Emergency?
– by Zerohedge

Jan. 6 Committee Targets Alex Jones, Falsely Claims He Encouraged Violence At Capitol
– by Alex Jones

Panel of Doctors Warn Covid Vax Is Alternating Your DNA
– by the War Room

Forced Vaccine Is All-Out War on the Human Race
– by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Watch: “I’m Really Frightened… I’m Scared” – 69-Yr-Old Grandma, Drug Counselor and Cancer Patient Joins Greg Kelly before She Is Sent to Prison on Tuesday for Walking inside the US Capitol
– by Pam Hemphill on Newsmax

Save the Babies: a Documentary on CPS Child Trafficking
– by Patrick Hawley and Director Ben DeLaurentis

Watch Live Stream: John Paul Mac Isaac, Computer Expert Who Received Hunter’s Laptop, Discusses the Timeline and Events Surrounding Hunter Biden Laptop
– by John Paul Mac Isaac and Joe Hoft

Rebranding Elitism: Calling the Liberal World Order for What It Is
– by Mark E. Jeftovic

Hunter Biden Phone Hack Proves Biden Working for China
– by Alex Jones

This Won’t Be a Short Shallow Recession
– by Peter Schiff

Watch: the FBI Had Hunter Biden’s Computer Since Dec. 2019 – They Havent “Done Squat with It”
– by Sen. Ron Johnson

Why Economic Collapse is Inevitable
– by Chris Martenson

Biden Corruption Explodes
– by Jon Bowne

Majority of Europeans Unwilling to ‘Pay the Price’ to Defend ‘Democracy’ in Ukraine
– by Zerohedge

Covid ‘More than an Overhyped Public Health Emergency’ — May Have Been the ‘Greatest Crime in History’
– by Tucker Carlson

Report: Arrest of Donald Trump Will Be the Democrats’ October Surprise ahead of Midterms
– by Julie Kelly and Lee Smith

“What Happened in 2020… Is a Crime Scene and the Evidence Is Overwhelming”
– by Former Prosecutor David Clement on the War Room

Dutch Farmers Ignite Worldwide Anti-Globalist Uprising
– by Greg Reese

Watch: These Doctors Risked It All to Saves Lives during the Covid ‘Plandemic’, Now They Are Demanding a ‘Cease Fire’ of ‘Poison Death Shots’
– by the Right Docs of History

Here Are a Few Excellent Questions Regarding the Recent Mass Shootings
– by Joe Hoft

What We’re Facing Today ‘a Lot Worse’ than the Depression, Recent Downturns
– by Ron Paul

America Has Been Flirting with Leftist Disaster – It’s Time to Stop Compromising: “They Revel in the Idea that Deep Down Everyone Else Is Just as Evil as They Are”
– by Brandon Smith

Video: Greenwald Slams Hunter Biden Laptop Coverup as “Biggest Media Fraud” in a Decade
– by Glenn Greenwald on FOX News

New Trailer for Groundbreaking Film ‘These Little Ones,’ Exposing CPS Trafficking, Pedophile Elites
– by the Stew Peters Network

Gaslighting: The Psychology of Shaping Another’s Reality
– by Cynthia Chung

A New Prime Minister without an Election? How Top Job in UK Is Decided by Political Cabal
– by Oliver JJ Lane

China Dominates the Antibiotics Market
– by Martin Armstrong

Watch: Finally Some Covid Comedy! Mocking Covid Vaccine Regret & Mask Mandates
– by Jim Breuer

Welcome to 1984: Central Bank Digital Currencies
– by James Rickards

Revolt against the ‘Liberal World Order’
– by Paul Joseph Watson

“Anyone who Goes against the Narrative Will Be Silenced”
– by Tommy Robinson on the War Room

Watch: The Food Wars Have Begun!
– by Titans of Liberty

How the Media Used Russiagate Conspiracy Theories to Create a News Cartel
– by Daniel Greenfield

Rogue Cops: The Supreme Court Is Turning America into a Constitution-Free Zone
– by John W. & Nisha Whitehead

GOP Representatives Want to Know Why Biden’s DOJ Is Firing Trump Immigration Judges
– by Judge Mathew O’Brian on FOX News

Effects of the Covid Jab – Interview with Dr. Ryan Cole
– by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Biden’s Sanctions Are a Windfall for Russia, Foreign Policy Fail
– by Ron Paul

The People Crafting U.S. Policy Aren’t in America
– by Joseph Solis-Mullen

Flashback: Democrat Sought to Taint Trump 2016 Win, Change Electors’ Pledged Votes
– by Natalia Mittelstadtotes

Darren Beattie: January 6th Committee a Pretext to Justify Labeling Trump Supporters as Domestic Terrorists
– by Ian Schwartz

We Need to Declare Our Independence from the Federal Reserve
– by Joe Moffett

The Economic Growth That Never Was: the World Economy Stopped Growing in 2008 and the Obama Years
– by Tuomous Malinen

Understanding the Economic Crisis in Sri Lanka
– by Zerohedge

Interest Rate Hikes vs. Inflation Rate, by Country
– by Jenna Ross and Nick Routley

Are You Willing to Suffer through a Recession for the Good of “the Liberal World Order”?
– by Michael Snyder

China’s Rise to Economic Superpower
– by Felix Richter

US Under More Tyranny Now Than in 1776, Says Historian
– by Douglas MacKinnon

‘Our Country’s Going to Hell’: WWII Veteran Breaks Down over Collapse of America under Joe Biden
– by Carl Dekel

Author Matt Palumbo Lays Out How George Soros Has Significant Control Over Media Narratives
– by Roman Balmakov

Mapped: a Decade of Population Growth and Decline in U.S. Counties
– by Nick Routley

Dr. Zelenko’s Uplifting Final Public Speech
– by Dr. Zelenko

Dr. Robert Malone – Memorial for Dr. Zelenko
– by the War Room

Ration Cards – “The Other Form of ‘Money’ that Will Be Valuable Isn’t Even Tangible. It’s Called Self-Reliance”
– by Charles Hugh Smith

The Great Reset in Action: Ending Freedom of the Press, Speech and Expression
– by Birsen Filip