The 2020 Presidential Election and Covid-19 Testing – a Celebratory Compilation of the First Year of

Election 2020: a Pre-programming Guide
– by Geoff Linsley

Framing Examples of Media Bias
– by John Smith

America’s ‘Great Leap Forward’ into Socialism: “This Would Constitute the Greatest Leap Forward toward Socialism of Any American President
– by Patrick J. Buchanan

A New State of Segregation: Vaccine Cards Are Just the Beginning
– by John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead

America Has Become Its Own Worst Enemy – Like the Soviet Union, the US Is Dying from Despair
– bY Ed West

The Green New Deal in Disguise – Special Report
– Jon Bowne

The Next Phase Is Mandatory!
– by Darrin McBreen

Covid-19 Vaccine Truths Coming to Light
– by Jon Bowne

We’re in the Middle of a Long War with the State
– by Ryan McMaken

Coming Soon: America’s Own Social Credit System
– by Kristin Tate

Exposing Texas Election Fraud on War Room
– by Retired Intelligence Captain Seth Keshel

The CDC Is a Threat to Science
– by Jeffrey A. Tucker

Incompetence + Arrogance = Woke – Politically Correct Ideology Is Masking and Contributing to the Widespread Failure of Our Institutions
– by Victor Davis Hanson

Vaccine Mandates Will Backfire. People Will Resist Even More.
– by Taylor Dotson

When Will the Covid Revolt Come?
– by Roger Kimball

Western Socialism and Eastern Capitalism
– by Alasdair Macleod

Tucker Carlson Slams CDC for Arbitrarily Changing Covid-19 Protocols
– by Tucker Carlson

We Have Entered the Eye of Davos’ Storm
– by Tom Luongo

Imagine If They Hadn’t Lied to Us for the Last 18 Months
– by Kurt Schlichter

Why Are Globalists and Governments So Desperate for 100% Vaccination Rates?
– by Brandon Smith

Disband the FBI
– by Chris Farrell

Pelosi No Longer ‘Benevolent Dictator,’ Now She Is a ‘Tyrant’
– by Congressman Barry Moore

Why Are Globalists and Governments So Desperate for 100% Vaccination Rates?
– by Brandon Smith

Confusion: Pro-Vaccine Actor Michael Rapaport Realizes Covid-19 Vaccines Spread Disease
– by Michael Rapaport

Exclusive: Rep. Timothy Ramthun Discusses Proposed Wisconsin Forensic Audit with the Gateway Pundit
– by Rep. Timothy Ramthun

The Worldwide Rally for Freedom: an Expression of Frustration?
– by Gabriël Moens

CDC Covid-19 Hospitalization Data Will Shock You – What the Media Is Not Showing You
– by Bob Bishop

UN Setting up Massive Internment Camp System for the Unvaccinated
– by Alex Jones

Authoritarians Drunk on Power: It Is Time to Recalibrate the Government
– by John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead

Here’s Why the New Covid Relief Program Will Turn the Working Class into Serfs…
– by Chris MacIntosh

The Jan. 6th Show Trials Threaten All of Us
– by Ron Paul

Why Is the CDC Quietly Abandoning the PCR Test for Covid-19?
– by Tyler Durden

America Has Lost the Trade War with China, and the Real Pain Has Yet To Begin
– by Charles Hugh Smith

‘Health Freedom’ Is the Hottest Global Political Issue, and Our World Will Never Be the Same after This
– by Michael Snyder

Life and Death in the Age of Fear
– by MN Gordon

The FBI Is Out of Control, The Light of Truth Will Destroy This Darkness
– by Larry Johnson

The State of Our Nation: Still Divided, Enslaved & Locked Down
– by John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead

Transhumanism: Immortality, Anyone?
– by Aden Tate

Video: Sen. Ron Johnson Unloads on Fauci; “He’s Culpable, He’s Lying, He Needs to Be Held Accountable”
– by Ron Johnson and Maria Bartiromo

What Will This New Wave of Lockdowns Do to the Global Economy?
– by Michael Snyder

Fiat Money Economies Are Built on Lies
– by Thorsten Polleit

Secretary of State Blinken Is Setting Us up for Paying Reparations
– by Carol Greenwald

The Biometric ID Endgame
– by Jon Bowne

“We Don’t Have to Live with a Fraudulent Election” – Legal Scholar John Eastman: State Legislature Has Authority to Replace Electors Due to Fraudulent Results
– by John Eastman on Steve Bannon’s War Room

Talking About the Arizona Audit Hearing
– by TGP’s Jordan Conradson Joins Alex Jones

Critical Race Theory Is About Creating Division and Strife that Allows Control
– by Ben Carson

Now They Are Saying that the Republican Party Is the #1 “National Security Threat to the United States of America”
– by Michael Snyder

The Ugly and Difficult Hunt for the True Economy
– by Bruce Wilds

Deadly Covid-19 mRNA Shot Is Made to Murder You while Big Tech Censors Victims
– by Alex Jones

Rep. Louie Gohmert Defends Inmates Being Held on Jan. 6th Charges – “They’re Being Treated Like Third World Political Prisoners”
– by Rep. Louie Gohmert

Tucker Carlson Roasts DOJ over Hunter Biden Laptop Cover up
– by Tucker Carlson

Welcome to the 21st Century Sequel of the Catastrophic 1600s
– by Charles Hugh Smith

Big Tech “Acting Like Arms of the Government”; “It’s Scary Stuff”
– by Senator Hawley

Biden’s Vaccine “Strike Force” Plan Stinks of Desperation
– by Brandon Smith

Yes, The 2020 Election Was Stolen and the Proof Is Already Public – See It Here
– by Owen Shroyer

The Right to Be Let Alone: What to Do When Covid-19 Strike Force Teams Come Knocking
– by John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead

Six Facts the Left Doesn’t Want You to Know About Global Warming
– by David Simon

Top Equities Investor: There Is No Delta Variant, There Is No Pandemic – Patents Could Show Covid-19 Has Been Around Since 1999
– by Dr. David Martin

An Inside Look at Lockdown Orders from 2020
– by Jeffrey Tucker

Rob Schneider Risks Blacklist Railing against Covid-19 Vaccine
– by John Nolte

True Civil Libertarians Must Oppose the IRS
– by Ron Paul

Mystery: 3 Presidents All Died after Blocking Distribution of Covid-19 Vaccines in Their Countries
– by Jamie White

Nuremberg Code Exposes the Crimes of Gates and Fauci
– by Alex Jones and Owen Shroyer

Covid Strike Force Will Backfire
– by Jon Bowne

Trump Explains “Why I’m Suing Big Tech” in WSJ Editorial
– by Donald Trump

Meet Jigsaw: Google’s Intelligence Agency
– by Privacy to Go

The Weaponization of January 6
– by Jeff Crouere

5 Specific Reasons Why You Should Stockpile Food Right Now
– by Michael Snyder

Watch: Pro-Vaccine Americans Injured by Experimental Covid-19 Shots Just Want to Be Heard
– by Infowars

Biden Does Not Need a Domestic “Terrorism” Agenda Unless He Is About to Violate American Rights
– by Brandon Smith

Shocking Increase of “Indefinitely Confined” Voters in 2020 Election in Wisconsin
– by Attorney Erick Kaardal, Joe Hoft and Patty McMurray

Watch: Dad Blasts School Board over Critical Race Theory Agenda
– by Infowars

The Great Big Delta Scare
– by the Automatic Earth

It’s Saigon in Afghanistan
– by Ron Paul

The Final Moves of the NWO
– by Jon Bowne

The Culture War Has a New Target: Independence Day
– by James Jay Carafano

J.D. Vance on July 4: Leftists ‘Are Trying to Make Us Hate Our History’
– by Robert Kraychik

How China Became the Big Winner of the Covid-19 Era
– by Greg Miller

Why Isn’t the US Preparing for EMP War Like the Rest of the World?
– by Jeff Thompson

The Covid Cult Has Been Slowly Killing America’s Economy and There’s Not Much Time Left
– by Brandon Smith

Mapping Global Happiness Levels in 2021
– by Tyler Durden

The War on Reality
– by CJ Hopkins

The Unbelievable Life & Death of John McAfee
– by Greg Reese

“CNN’s About Controlling Negroes, That’s What It Stands [For], Controlling Negroes”
– by Vernon Jones

Full Interview: Doctor Warns the World about Deadly Covid-19 Vaccines
– by the Alex Jones Show

Video: Vaccinated People Wearing Masks Outside Try to Explain Why They Still Cover up
– by Infowars







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