2020 Presidential Election Voter Fraud in Michigan
– a theVeryRight.com Investigative Report

The 2020 Presidential Election and Covid-19 Testing – a Celebratory Compilation of the First Year of theVeryRight.com

Election 2020: a Pre-programming Guide
– by Geoff Linsley

The End of Monetary Hedonism
– by Jeff Deist

Watch: “A Gimmick… We Don’t Have Time for This Nonsense” – Weighing in on Hunter Biden Lawsuit
– by Steve Bannon

The Companies with the Most AI Patents
– by Katharina Buchholz

Meet The Man Who’s Read All the Biden Emails & Hear His Warning to the American People
– by Garrett Ziegler and Owen Shroyer

“Pharma, MSM, Tech, Intel, Zelensky, WHO, Deep State All Working Together to Cover Up Bioweapons in Ukraine”
– by Richard Abelson

Watch: Medical Professionals-Turned-Whistleblowers Expose Houston Methodist Hospital’s Early Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate
– by Sharyl Attkisson

Watch: Hidden Revelations in Pfizer Undercover Video Include Admission Pfizer Knew They Were Selling Expired Vaccine
– by Dr. Peter McCullough and Owen Shroyer

Where Corruption Is Rampant
– by Martin Armstrong

Fighting Inflation Really Means Fighting the Federal Reserve
– by George Ford Smith

It’s Time for the Scientific Community to Admit We Were Wrong about Covid and It Cost Lives
– by Kevin Bass

The Real Disinformation Was the “Russia Disinformation” Hoax
– by Ron Paul

Watch: Stunned – Latest Reports on More Classified Docs on Hunter Biden’s Laptop
– by Karyn Turk, Ed Henry and Jim Hoft

Watch: ‘Political Revolution Bigger than Brexit’ Needed to Save Britain from Tory Failures
– by Nigel Farage

Map Reveals US Cities with Most Homeless Gen-Zers
– by United Way of the National Capitol Area

Here’s How “Prosperity” Ends: Global Bubbles Are Popping
– by Charles Hugh Smith

5 Ways the “Inflation Reduction Act” Is Stealing Your Money
– by Peter Reagen

Are You the Collateral Damage of Central Planners?
– by MN Gordon

Watch: Learn How to Stop the Globalists from Stealing Your House during the Biden Housing Market Crash
– by Dave Krieger and Owen Shroyer

The State Uses Trauma as a Weapon against Innocent People
– by Ayush Poolovadoo

Petrodollar on Shaky Ground; Saudi Arabia Willing to Discuss Selling Oil in Other Currencies
– by Michael Maharrey

Watch: Globalists Starting WW3 to Cover Failed Takeover Plans
– by Robert Barnes and Alex Jones

Video: Man Arrested on ‘Suspicion’ of Assaulting UK Health Minister behind Covid Lockdowns
– by Kelen McBreen

A Dollar Collapse Is Now in Motion – Saudi Arabia Signals the End of Petro Status
– by Brandon Smith

The New Rules of Engagement for 2023’s Society
– by Jeff Deist

2023: Fourth Turning Meets Mass Formation Psychosis, Part 2
– by Jim Quinn

China’s African Trade Takeover
– by Martin Armstrong

Watch: James O’Keefe and Project Veritas Confront NYT Reporter Alec Goldman
– by Project Veritas

Biden Document Discovery Doesn’t Add Up: “By Using Lawyers to Carry Out the Document Purge, Biden Would Be Able to Attach Attorney-Client Privilege to Their Efforts, Thereby Avoiding Damaging Testimony about the Contents of Any Shredded Documents”
– by Greg Orman

“Crimson Contagion”
– by Jeffrey Tucker

Watch: We Have Been Lied to about Every Part of the Covid Pandemic
– by Dr. Michael Yeadon and Alex Jones

Evil Walks Among Us: Child Trafficking Has Become Big Business in America
– by John and Nisha Whitehead

‘The Anti-Vaxxers Win’: Dilbert Creator Admits Vaccine Skeptics Were Right Not to Trust Covid Jab
– by Scott Adams

Watch: Twitter Files Revealed Growing Government Control
– by Matt Taibbi

Carbon Credits Are the Biggest Scam Since Indulgences — How You Can Avoid Being Fleeced
– by Nick Giambruno

Biden’s Theft of Classified Docs Is Serious. DOJ Isn’t Taking It Seriously
– by Mike Davis

Watch: Biden Committed Felonies by Taking Possession of Classified Top Secret Documents “Whether or Not They Were Passed on to a Foreign Entity”
– by Securing America with Frank Gaffney

Biden Vs Trump Document Controversies Indicate Transparency Gap
– by Petr Svab

How Can We Restore Freedom and Sound Money in the US and the UK? Some Ideas
– by Patrick Barron

Watch: Davos 2023 Exposes the Enemies of Humanity
– by Jon Bowne

Watch: They’re Trying to Build a Prison – the Truth about DAVOS
– by Paul Joseph Watson

Watch: The Big Banks & the IMF Plan on Stealing Your Money
– by Greg Reese

A Complete-Ish Ranking of the Many, Many Lies and Fabrications of George Santos
– by Sarah Rumpf

License to Kill: How Emergency Health Powers Are Used for Depopulation – Hospitals Paid with Covid Money before Deaths, Have to Pay Back If No Deaths
– by Kristi Leigh and Scott Schara

Dollar Hegemony, Saudi Arabia and Oil
– by Ron Paul

The Modern State Cannot Exist without Fiat Money
– by Matt Ray

360 Degree Surveillance: How Police Use Public-Private Partnerships to Spy on Americans
– by John & Nisha Whitehead

Watch: Pfizer CEO Flees When Confronted at Davos about Dangerous Covid Jabs
– by Rebel News and Alex Jones

The Elite’s Obsession with Achieving Total Financial Control
– by Clint Siegner

Watch: Equity Policies Set Black Kids up to Fail in the Real World
– by Rep. Byron Donalds

Visualizing the World’s Top 25 Fleets of Combat Tanks
– by Chris Dickert

Watch: How Globalists Have Enslaved Humanity – about Natural Law
– by Mark Pasio and Alex Jones

Infographic: Key Revelations of the ‘Twitter Files’ – “In January 2017… President Barack Obama Designated Elections as Critical Infrastructure. The DHS’s CISA Then Made It Its Job Not Only to Protect Elections from Hackers, but Also from Misinformation and Disinformation.”
– by Petr Svab

On Biden Docs – It’s Almost Like He’s Being Set Up by His Own People: “They Waited until after the Election. They Waited until after the Democrats Lost a Majority for This Stuff to Start Leaking Out. They Knew It Was There Back in Early November.”
– by GOP Rep. Carl

The Fed Is a Purely Political Institution, and It’s Definitely Not a Bank.
– by Ryan McMaken

“It’s a Clean Up Job… They Are Trying to Cover-Up Something Else” – on Biden’s Classified Document Crimes
– by Christina Bobb

Unlike Trump’s, Biden’s Classified Document Scandal Is Real
– by John Nolte

Did The Deep State Turn on Biden?
– by Christopher Roach

13 Facts on the Dozens of Federal Operatives Who Infiltrated the Trump Crowds on January 6th at the US Capitol
– by Jim Hoft

“A New System” – Inside the Davos Summit 2023
– by Offguardian

Destroying American Democracy – an Inside Job
– by Pete Hoekstra

Democrats’ Dark-Money Devotion
– by Susan Crabtree

They Promised “Safe and Effective”, We Got “Sudden and Unexpected”
– by Mark E. Jeftovic

Watch: Rep. Matt Gaetz Downloads on Corrupt DC Swamp: ‘If You Think Differently, You’re Hunted’
– by Rep. Matt Gaetz and Luke Rudkowski

Watch: CBDC System on the Verge of Total Control
– by John Bowne

Video: BBC Studio Windows Covered in Stickers Symbolizing Deaths Caused by Covid Jabs
– by Infowars

Watch: Outlining the Forbidden Discussion about Covid Vaccine Induced Injuries and Death
– by Neil Oliver

“Brazil Is Going Full Gulag. This Is the Worst Communist Takeover Ever”
– by Richard Abelson

What the January 6 Videos Will Show
– by Julie Kelly

Watch: Natural Law and the Post-Apocalyptic World
– by Greg Reese

The Dystopian Roots of California’s Covid-19 Misinformation Law
– by Douglas Eckenrod

The Covid Plandemic: We Must Have the Truth
– by Pat Fidopiastis

Watch: the True History of the Globalist Institutions
– by Jay Dyer

Flashback: Intel Agency Offered Job to Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza
– by Adan Salazar

Things We Should Understand: the Aristocracy Is Eating the Peasants
– by John Rubino

LOL Watch: Coincidence Theorists
– by David Wolfe

Don’t Trust the Government with Your Privacy, Property or Your Freedoms
– by John & Nisha Whitehead

President Trump’s Documents Held at Mar-a-Lago Were Legit but Biden Held Classified Intel that Went against the Law – When Did the DOJ Know?
– by Joe Hoft

Covid Shots Are Toxic Depopulation Weapon Being Calibrated for Mass Culling
– by Former Pfizer VP Dr. Mike Yeadon and Alex Jones

Visualizing $65 Trillion in Hidden Dollar Debt
– by Dorothy Neufeld

The Biden Admin Is Lying about the Jobs Data
– by Ryan McMaken

The Digitization of Humanity Shows Why the Globalist Agenda Is Evil
– by Brandon Smith

WEF Creep Yuval Noah Harari: Humans May Need to ‘Relearn How to See and Walk’ in ‘Virtual Reality’ Future
– by Noah Harari

The Censorious Scott Gottlieb Was a Major Influence on Lockdowns
– by Jeffrey A. Tucker

Where People from Ukraine Are Fleeing to
– by Florian Zandt

The Election Fraud Infrastructure – Your Government at Work!
– by Jay Valentine

Watch: WHO Declares Anti-Vaxxers Are Terrorists — Governments Want You to Report ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ to Police
– by World Alternative Media

Here’s the Truth about the “Strong U.S. Dollar”
– by Ron Paul

An Age of Decay
– by Chris Buskirk

Fear of Covid Is the Opiate of the People
– by Mark Oshinke

Why We Shouldn’t Underestimate China’s Petro-Yuan Ambitions
– by Alex Kimani

The Flawed Strategy for a So-Called Public Health Crisis
– by David Stockman

Who Would Benefit from a Severe Global Recession?
– by Charles Hugh Smith

Your Money Is Not Safe! – Cashless Bail-Ins & What It Means For You!
– by Kirk Elliott Ph.D

Rome’s Runaway Inflation: Currency Devaluation in the Fourth and Fifth Centuries
– by David Serrano Ordozgoiti

Watch: Jan 6 Political Prisoners and the Inversion of Justice in America
– by Greg Reese

Watch: Roger Stone Breaks Down the House Speaker Vote and Why McCarthy Should Never Be Speaker
– by Roger Stone and Owen Shroyer

Did National Security Imperatives Compromise Covid-19 Vaccine Safety?
– by Phillip Altman

Southwest’s Meltdown Reminds Us We Must End Airlines’ Corporate Welfare
– by Ryan McMaken

Capsule Summaries of all Twitter Files Threads to Date, with Links and a Glossary
– by Matt Taibbi

Zero Covid Ends but Zero Sense Continues
– by Debbie Lerman

Globalization, Not Globalism: Free Trade versus Destructive Statist Ideology
– by Connor O’Keeffe

Watch: Remember When Alex Jones Warned Jesse Ventura the Government Would Use Vaccines as a Soft Kill Platform?
– by Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones

Watch: Covidians
– by Paul Joseph Watson

Watch Tim Robbins: Covid Has Become a “New Religion”
– by Tim Robbins and Russel Brand

Attempting to Force-Vaccinate the Whole World with an Untested, Unsafe Technology Amounts to Criminal Negligence
– by Ramesh Thakur

What’s Going On? A Totally Abnormal Compilation
– by the War Room

The Year When Everything Started to Fall Apart
– by Michael Snyder

Fauci Fibbed on the Day Everything Changed
– by Jeffrey A. Tucker

In a War for Control of Humanity, Thoughts and Emotions Are the Battlefield: “And the Corruption of the FDA and the CDC Is at Such a Stage Now that I Think It Is So Self-Evident that Only the Most Hypnotized Deny It.”
– by Dr. Robert Malone

January 6 Book Released: Firsthand Testimony of Harrowing Tragedy from the J-6ers Living It! “The American Gulag Chronicles: Letters from Prison”
– by Cara Castronuova and Kelly Wilde

Top 10 Conspiracy Theories that Will Be Validated in 2023
– by Ben Sellers

Top Heavy: Countries by Share of the Global Economy
– by Avery Koop

‘This Is the Most Corrupt and Dangerous Executive Branch in American History’
– by Newt Gingrich

Watch: Andrew Tate’s Sex Operative Setup Exposed
– by Alex Jones

Government-Weaponized Public Health: Disease Is Used to Control Populations Like Tear Gas Is Used to Control Crowds
– by Lawrence Sellin

The Twitter Files Have Confirmed (Again) that Conspiracy Theorists Are Not Crazy
– by Daisy Luther

Watch: 15-Minute Cities and the Right to Travel
– by Greg Reese

Are You a “Thought Criminal”?
– by Michael Snyder

2022’s Danger Signs: from Totalitarian Paranoia to Authoritarian Madness
– by John & Nisha Whitehead

Robert Barnes: USDA Is Persecuting Amish Communities to Test Complete Control over the Food Supply
– by Robert Barnes and Alex Jones