Michigan has a big problem with hosting fair elections. If you took a poll, however, only about half the state agrees. The divide has been cut by a lockdown on actual election news, orchestrated by authorities in the federal government, authorities in Michigan’s government, the corporatocracy including big tech, mainstream media, Reuters/AP-fueled local news and others. About half the public is very convinced that no evidence of fraud exists simply because they aren’t hearing alternative news sources discussing the information. They’ve been diligently, effectively shielded in a mind control operation of lies – a genuinely “Big Lie” – from all of the many shocking revelations about what actually happened.

Federal Election Commission Chair Calls Election ‘Illegitimate’ Due to Voter Fraud
– by National File

FBI Is Not Investigating Any Voter Fraud Claims in the 2020 Presidential Election
– by the Gateway Pundit

The first argument from voters who don’t believe noteworthy fraud exists is vocalized as a request: please show me evidence. This type of individual believes that, if there exists large-scale evidence of fraud, everyone including mainstream media would be all over it. They all have dogmatic faith in mainstream media’s line that the courts shot down in flames all cases claiming widespread fraud existed in the 2020 Presidential election. Despite being the only built-in remedy for finding and ending election fraud, the justice system has mostly blocked all evidence from being entertained – most well built and ready to launch court cases have been dismissed immediately up front denying any case from being heard. One big exception is the Antrim County, MI saga, wherein unbelievable fraud was found: a voting machine wildly switched Trump’s votes to Biden and the records detailed the theft.

The problem with addressing that type of individual is, since there is so much evidence in plain sight, and fraud comes from so many angles, explaining how organized crime’s fraud machine works requires both deprogramming prior misconceptions and studying the truth like a college major in order to functionally respect its vast complexity.

The effort required to stop being ignorant about what is happening to your vote is too much intellectually and emotionally to even try to comprehend for maybe half the public. They will continue to vote for organized crime in the system rigged by organized crime until it deprives them “of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

Despite the fact no one has gone public about every detail of how all aspects of modern organized voter fraud are orchestrated and executed, Michiganders are not powerless to get to the very bottom of what is happening. Citizens caught fraud in real-time during and after the 2020 Presidential election. Much was captured forever in alternative media articles. It’s possible to investigate the humans who made the fraud possible. It’s also possible to investigate what happened inside the voting machines by examining authenticity-destroying Internet connections, other security vulnerabilities, the source code and more.

Jill Stein Already Won Case Giving Campaign Right to Examine Voting Machine Source Code
– by the Gateway Pundit

Also available for a very limited time in Michigan are the actual ballots and ballot envelopes. It’s getting late to go through all the ballots and ballot envelopes to formulate a seamlessly scientific, full-scale conclusion of what happened per the traditional time frame allotted by Michigan: the deadline is this summer. Finely tuned investigations of specific types of widespread fraud with well established evidence, if discovered in time, could sway a judge to extend the timeframe for the first proper, statewide investigation to be conducted in Michigan, permitting a dramatically expanded look into what actually happened before, on and after Nov. 3rd, 2020.

It is not possible to compile a complete guide of all the voter fraud that occurred in the 2020 Presidential election in Michigan but much has been documented, chronicled daily by the free news service, published weekdays by 12:30 ET. The final aggregated articles in a interactive newspaper are reserved for election news.

Brief Summary of What Happened

The theft of the 2020 Presidential election did not happen overnight. The Democrat who became the establishment candidate was initially unpopular in the 2020 Democrat Party Primaries. After being deemed the official pick by the deep state, the corporatocracy, the international governing bodies, mainstream media, etc., Joe Biden could not gather a hundred people on average to an event. Back then, the cover was “covid” and it was reframed as humanitarian to not draw a crowd. It seemed like every other house in rural Michigan boasted Trump paraphernalia – a flagrant sign of popularity never seen at that magnitude in American political history. There were no Biden signs anywhere except the most leftist areas.

Despite all the deceptive efforts of the time, the scam that Democrat voters approved of their candidate abruptly ended on election night, when only votes matter. It was also no secret to the establishment that a fair election could not be permitted.

In retrospect, all of the Presidential elections since the introduction of electronic voting machines may have been fraudulent. There is a great body of evidence suggesting the same types of widespread fraud that occurred in 2020 also occurred in 2016 but went under the radar because of the outcome. The hangup in 2016 was the underestimated count of votes necessary in order to make the plundering seem plausible – the biggest variable when disguising the theft of an election. The thieves needed to establish how many fake votes would be required both nationally and on a state-by-state basis in order to hit their prescripted desired range of plausible deniability. Most importantly, the final tally needs to remain within range of the establishment’s manipulatable pre-election poll and exit poll statistics in order for the outcome to appear somewhere between reasonable and maybe possibly reasonable.

Big tech, a vital and loyal partner in manufacturing the lie that our elections are fair, was berated for Trump’s 2016 win in a 2018 Senate hearing because it did not censor 1st Amendment-protected information from the public well enough. One of the most potent articles that influenced the election was a leak about Hillary Clinton conducting satanic rituals called “spirit cooking,” involving menstrual blood, semen, breast milk and urine, with Marina Abramovic. The baseless narrative produced after the system’s embarrassment was Russians were responsible for the uncensored American journalists breaking news days before the 2016 US Presidential election.

In 2016, the desired range of plausible deniability was underestimated and defeated when Trump excited the Republican voting base far more than Democrats anticipated. It broke their election theft algorithm and foiled their plot. It became too arduous of a feat to hide that Trump won. America was shocked by the defeat of the system. The system mostly passively accepted defeat, which let a non-establishment candidate become the corporate CEO of the bankrupt ghost of a country, the corporation called THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, for the first time since at least Kennedy. Despite the difficulties inherent in the American people casting Trump into a mostly anti-Trump, anti-freedom, swampy establishment, hope in the election system and our country reappeared immediately because an outsider actually won.

Financial speculators cranked up the economy weeks before the election, after the unnecessarily suppressed economy of especially the Obama Administration, in lieu of the signal that the system’s election metrics were likely off. It was an indication that the “free market” may soon become freer and the best parts of America, the gems worth reinvesting in, may still have a home in America.

The system then reshaped its strategy of ruling Americans without our direct consent. It repeatedly tried to frame Trump and all of his supporters as Nazis, white supremacists, racists, Putin’s tool, every perceivably bad thing in the book, even when it plain as day made no sense. The purpose was to craft into Americans the idea that liking America, being American and most importantly being pro-freedom despite all of our other reasons for division = white supremacy. While the proposed logic is absurdly humorous to everyone who knows better, it is still very much the system’s mode of attack in America, Europe and the Western World, deployed on the minds of migrants, minorities and the whites who’ve had, heard about or seen bad experiences with or from other whites and were coerced into finding acceptability in making unhealthy generalizations about fellow whites based on their subjective experiences. If the system is no longer able to control the narrative, the system makes a 1984-style Emmanuel Goldstein out of the rebel and tries to trick the unaware back into ideological servitude to the system.


Other than mailbox-level fraud, the election theft of 2020 started when states changed their election laws near election day to allow lawlessness regarding mail-in ballots. Signatures were no longer necessary. IDing a voter was deemed racist but acceptable in order to do anything in our society wherein inalienable natural rights have been replaced with state-mandated age restrictions. It was as if swing states especially were trying to open the door as wide as possible for election fraud, something never witnessed before in the history of our country. It was public knowledge before the election that mail-in ballots without restrictions would favor Democrats. Despite the popularity of the incumbent President, the public resources of the State were used to facilitate the victory of the other major political party. All of it went under most of the public and media’s radars because of well programmed covid-19 fears and distractions.

On election day, Democrats began with a lead because mail-in votes were already being tallied. The simple allowance of mail-in voting crafts the illusion that Democrats are going to win because statistically they are more likely to trust their votes while in the postal system’s custody and less likely to vote in person. An initial lead doesn’t matter after all other votes are tallied but it does matter in crafting a perception of the most likely outcome.

The obvious counter to the early Democrat-favored tally is when the majority of the workforce gets out of work on election day to be able to vote in-person. Mainstream media outlet Axios tried to pre-program the public for the anticipated, repeated massive landslide of late election day votes for Trump by calling it a temporary “Red Wave.”

The missing variable was the size of 2020’s late election day Trump tally. Most Democrats didn’t think that most people liked Trump because they always saw terrible things about him on mainstream media and they believed the establishment’s polls, which surely did not help when devising fraud goals. Perhaps more importantly, the system did not expect a second landslide from the millions of new voters Trump accrued since 2016.

Resetting the Algorithm

The votes came in for Trump on Nov. 3rd better than anticipated by several millions. If you rely on paper ballot fraud, the numbers game proves futile if the math is still off. It’s the 21st Century so paper ballots are just one form of votes. Most don’t have a paper trail. Most states, including Michigan, ditch the paper trail some period after ballots are fed into voting machines. The ballots may remain on hand for a while but the votes that will get counted in the election become electronic. Any typical, modern auditing done afterward at the State-level counts the electronic votes rather than the paper.

The final variable in rigging an election is the voting machine results. Despite voting machines having been banned after implementation in countries throughout Europe because of gateways for fraud, the public is supposed to maintain dogmatic faith that the machines are impenetrably secure and the statistics are completely accurate.

The election was promised to Biden’s handlers by the deep state, big tech, the corporatocracy, mainstream media, etc. no matter the actual vote. It was not deemed acceptable to simply have no answer to a landslide like in 2016 and quit. In 2020, the landslide of even newer Trump voters who felt America was back because of the results of the 2016 election broke the algorithm yet again.

The reaction of the system and its criminal counterparts was new. Everyone went to bed on Nov. 3rd seeing that Trump was dominating in all swing states and it appeared the election was very much over. The system lost and the actual election was very much over. The unprecedented, well organized, in plain sight reaction of the system was to shut down voting nationally overnight.

During the early morning Nov. 4th pause, voting machines in the swing states were fed with new ballots that suddenly appeared, as evidenced by the data and camera footage. They were also reprogrammed with a new algorithm.

The new algorithm dramatically expanded the ratio of Biden votes over Trump votes. In some precincts, there were massive batches of votes dropped that reportedly were 90%+ legitimately for Biden, despite Trump maintaining a presence even in urban demographics nationwide. There is no way to hide such blatant theft so it’s well evidenced in all the publicly-available election statistics.

One Year Ago on Election Night All State Reporting Was Zeroed Out on the Edison Election Reporting System and Then One by One Each State’s Totals Were Reset – Why?

– by the Gateway Pundit

Pt. 4: We Replicated the Same Impossible Ballot Ratio Found in Kent County, MI – 20,000 Votes Switched to Biden
– by the Gateway Pundit

Watch: “Drop and Roll” — How the 2020 Election Was Stolen from President Donald Trump
– by the Gateway Pundit

The strategy of increasing the rate of illegitimate ballot dumping starting on Nov. 4th was caught in real-time during the Maricopa County, AZ election audit. In that instance, a study of specifically duplicate ballots revealed a dramatic increase after the election was over on Nov. 4th all the way through Nov. 9th.

Arizona Audit Finds 25-30% of Duplicated Ballots Received between November 4th-9th after They Knew How Many Ballots Were Needed

– by the Gateway Pundit

While medium-scale fraud such as thousands of duplicate ballots is effective in undermining the results of an election, it cannot offset a landslide. A giant increase in votes is needed in states nationally but the tactic can not be too obvious if it is going to be both successful and a go-to strategy henceforth.

Election researchers have discovered the primary pool of fraudulent votes comes from the voter rolls – not the actual registered voters who’ve recently voted but the historically registered voters who aren’t voting and are still in the system. The crime likely goes unnoticed as no one can vouch for the non-voters’ votes being forged without direct investigation into each individual vote. An investigator may be able to discover many cases of fraud given this scenario but proving widespread fraud becomes very difficult even in a fair courtroom given a lack of manpower and financing.

A main avenue of attack for election system terrorists in recent years has been taking over the task of cleaning up the voter rolls. State laws typically require a certain amount of work and work ethic in the cleansing in order to maintain a reasonable standard of election security. As detailed in the evidence below, this precautionary measure was mostly abandoned in most states over the past decade, allowing for an election environment exceptionally ripe for fraud on demand. Accepting the present system means it does not matter at all who wins an election because the system has an answer at every stage of the tally, given the algorithm doesn’t break, the secrets don’t become visible again and the public doesn’t first grow up about the reality.

Michigan’s 2020 Presidential Election

In Michigan, these specific genres of fraud dominated headlines: election worker, erased evidence, denied investigations, corrupted authorities, ballot dumps, extremely old or dead voters, fake ballots, back-dated ballots, duplicate ballots, wrong ballots, anomalously high turnouts, other anomalies, mail-in ballot application fraud, USPS and mailbox-level fraud, corrupted voter rolls, voting machines and the data.

Evidence of Fraud in Michigan’s 2020 Election, Plus Anticipated Fraud Based on National Evidence

Election Worker

Erased Evidence

Denied Investigations

Corrupted Authorities

Ballot Dump

Extremely Old or Dead Voters

Fake Ballots

Back-dated Ballots

Duplicate Ballots

Wrong Ballots

Anomalously High Turnouts

Other Anomalies

Mail-in Ballot Application Fraud

USPS and Mailbox-level Fraud

Corrupted Voter Rolls

Voting Machines

The Data


Top Lawyer Releases Crowdsourcing Archive of 2020 Fraud Evidence
– by National File

‘Voter Integrity Project’ Releases Evidence of Thousands of Vote Fraud Issues
– by the Gateway Pundit

No problem is bigger for a functioning democratic republic than unfair voting. Once the right to pick politicians has been removed from a populace, there is no more freedom worth preserving. In the absence of freedom, the collective evil represented by politicians, lawyers, judges, financially-corrupt mainstream media, the corporatocracy, all go-along-to-get along corporate and government bureaucrats, etc. is allowed to run a monopoly on all sectors of organized crime utilizing the State’s typical moneyed blind eye and monopoly on violence. Simply going to work, obeying society’s laws and trying to be good to those around you stops being an honorable way to live given you’re a gear turner of a tyrannically poisoned system. Typical behavior, as it’s often called, only serves to fuel the evils enveloping a poisoned society, which rots more everyday given our unending laziness, commitments to selfishness and deliberate avoidance of facts no matter how much it’s sold to us as acceptable, strengthening the system’s already tight, malevolent grip on our children, grandchildren and perhaps their progeny into perpetuity.

Nike: Will Cut off Funding to Republicans Who Voted against Certifying the Presidential Election
– by Breitbart

Intelligence: China “Sought to Influence” 2020 US Election
– by the Epoch Times

The only way to fix Michigan’s election problems is to exhaustively and regularly investigate the voter rolls, mail-in voting and all of the known possible avenues for committing fraud. It’s not about Trump. It’s not about Republicans. It’s about your right to vote for future candidates.

Did Michigan actually vote for George W. Bush, or Obama, or Gov. Whitmer, or any “elected” candidate since the late 1990s when Internet-based voting machines became mainstream?

The virality of this summary literally depends on you, so share it with your friends, family, acquaintances, legislators, random people you meet and especially good people who may be decent enough to propel the effort. Once word finally gets out about the true state of Michigan’s election system, the people will assemble and paths toward solutions will illuminate.

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