2020 Presidential Election Voter Fraud in Michigan
– a theVeryRight.com Investigative Report

The 2020 Presidential Election and Covid-19 Testing – a Celebratory Compilation of the First Year of theVeryRight.com

Election 2020: a Pre-programming Guide
– by Geoff Linsley

“Rise of Authoritarianism from 2020-2022” Presentation at Regent University Conference
– by Jim and Joe Hoft

Pandemic Lessons Learned: CDC Versus Natural Immunity
– by Joe Wang

Germany Is Getting a Distinct Feeling of Deja Vu about Its Exploding Inflation
– by Tyler Durden

How the West Was Lost: a Faltering World Reserve Currency
– by Matthew Piepenburg

The Media Is the Number One Cause of War Since 1898
– by Simon Black

Emergency Warning: the Dollar Has Reached the End of the Line
– by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and Alex Jones

Volta Wireless Founder Exposes How to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Surveillance
– by David Sinclair and Alex Jones

Video: Why Are TV Presenters across the World Collapsing?
– by Banned.video

“Trans Athlete” Begs City Council to Let Him Compete Against Female Swimmers
– by Alex Stein

Ukrainian Military Intelligence Chief Threatens Total “Guerrilla” Warfare
– by Kyle Anzalone

Video: Rand Paul Warns Biden Is a “National Security Risk” Because He Is “in Cognitive Decline”
– by Rand Paul

How Bill Barr’s Silence Impacted the Outcome of an Election
– by Jeff Carlson and Hans Mahncke

Biden Admin’s Nuclear Deal: “This Isn’t Obama’s Iran Deal. It’s Much, Much Worse.”
– by Majid Rafizadeh

You Need “Guns, Gold, & A Getaway Plan”, Celente Warns “WWIII Has Begun”
– by Gerald Celente and Greg Hunter

Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes Warns President Trump from Prison: “This Is About Putting Trump in Prison – and It Won’t Stop There” (Audio Interview)
– by Jim Hoft and Stewart Rhodes

Laptop, Ukraine & Biolabs: New Hunter Biden Scandals Threaten to Axe Joe’s Possible 2024 Bid, Replaced by Hillary?
– by Brandon Smith

Fauci Finally Admits Natural Immunity
– by Jeffrey A. Tucker

Infowars Remembers Anti-New World Order Pioneer Jordan Maxwell
– by Infowars

Cops Called on Reporter for Exposing Child Sexual Grooming at Local Elementary School
– by KLTV

The Biggest Lies (So Far) Surrounding Russia and Ukraine
– by Brandon Smith

It All Comes Together: Hunter, Burisma, Kolomoisky, Zelensky and the “Children Burned Alive in Donetsk”
– by Richard Abelson

Justice Department Accused of Assault on Free Speech and Free Press in the Project Veritas Case
– by Jonathon Turley

Democrat Congressman Freaks Out When Asked ‘What Is a Woman’?
– by Paul Joseph Watson

Eric Greitens Releases Video after Dirtbag Ex-FBI Agent Who Smeared and Framed Him Pleads Guilty to Evidence Tampering
– by Eric Greitens

Tucker Carlson Sits Down with Justice Michael Gableman to Discuss His Explosive Wisconsin 2020 Election Investigation Results – Video Teaser
– by Tucker Carlson and Justice Michael Gableman

Federal Judge Slams Biden’s Corrupt DOJ for Having Two Standards in Prosecuting Jan. 6 Defendants vs Left-Wing Rioters
– by Cristina Laila

It Didn’t Begin with FDR: Currency Devaluation in the Roman Empire
– by David Serrano Ordozgoiti

Watch: Rand Paul Declares Fauci “a Menace” to Society
– by Rand Paul

A Manufactured World Crisis
– by Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr.

Media Denies NWO Existence as Globalists Rub It in Your Face
– by Kelen McBreen

Watch: Hunter’s Laptop Is the Key to the NWO
– by Jon Bowne

Secrets of Biden’s New World Order Speech Decoded
– by Alex Jones

The Silencing of the Scientists
– by Alex Washburne

To Date Not One Single Independent, Objective and Complete Audit of Dominion Voting Machines Used in the 2020 Election Has Taken Place
– by Joe Hoft

Breaking: Documentary Film Exposed U.S. Bioweapons Labs in Eastern Europe in 2018
– by Infowars

Badass Uncle Sam Viciously Attacked by Insane Liberal
– by Badass Uncle Sam

Fauci Announces New Covid Lockdown Plan for the Fall (This Lines Up with the Covid Stunts Brought Back to China)
– by Alex Jones

Has One Rigged Election Destroyed America Forever? The Odds Are Against Us
– by Wayne Root

Exclusive: Biological Weapons Expert Exposes Labs In Ukraine And China Run By U.S. Government
– by Dr. Francis Boyle with Owen Shroyer

Those Who Chose Shaming over Science
– by Gabrielle Bauer

Digital Tyranny: Beware of the Government’s Push for a Digital Currency
– by John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead

Progressive Governance Needs a Social Credit State
– by William L. Anderson

Big Pharma Was Adding Varying Amounts of Active Ingredient to Batches of Covid Vaccine
– by Naomi Wolf

Watch: Tucker Carlson Responds to Calls for His Arrest over Bio-labs Coverage
– by Tucker Carlson

Nancy Pelosi Hoot of the Day “Government Spending Reduces Debt”
– by Mish Talk

Is Washington Fighting Russia Down to the Last Ukrainian?
– by Ron Paul

The Beginning of the End of the Road to Serfdom
– by Charles Hugh Smith

‘The British Have Been Slaves’ – Comedy Icon Cleese Has Mic Taken for Mocking Reparations
– by John Cleese

Whistleblower Points Towards Evidence Pfizer May Have Known of Covid-19 Outbreak in Advance
– by Caller on Infowars

What the Hell Is Really Going on in Ukraine?
– by Mindy Robinson

Spot On Top German Lawyer: This Isn’t About Health, It’s About Global Domination
– by Reiner Fuellmich

Watch: More Coverage of US-Funded Ukraine Biolabs
– by Tucker Carlson

Truth About U.S. Funded Bio-Labs in Ukraine
– by Ben Swann Report

Watch: Ukraine Bio-Labs Exposed
– by Darrin McBreen

The Great Reset Is the Great Con
– by Jon Rappoport

Putin Vs NWO: Learn What Is behind Russia’s Military Strategy
– by Lee Stranahan and Alex Jones

“The Steal – Volume I: Setting the Stage” Reaches Number One in Multiple Amazon Categories
– by Joe Hoft

No, Inflation Is Not “Transitory,” and It Is Worse than the Government Admits
– by André Marques

Americans Will Sacrifice More to Help Ukraine Than Most Did for Our Own Wars
– by Tammy S. Schultz

Forget About Covid, They Say
– by Jeffrey A. Tucker

A Recession Unlike Any Other: “Not Only Will It Occur while Inflation Is at a Multi-decade High, It Will Be the First U.S. Economic Contraction to Take Place while the Federal Reserve Had Its Target Interest Rate At or Near Zero Percent”
– by Michael Pento

Victoria Nuland: Ukraine Has “Biological Research Facilities,” Worried Russia May Seize Them
– by Glenn Greenwald

The Gas Crisis Plays an Essential Role in the Great Reset Agenda
– by KelenMcBreen

“The Jan 6 Committee Is an Abomination,” Rand Paul Speaks Hard Truths in Epic Speech about Rights
– by Rand Paul

Watch Oliver Stone’s Bombshell Ukraine Documentary Censored by YouTube
– by Oliver Stone

Fauci’s Criminal Covid Bombshell
– by Jon Bowne

Here’s What Could Happen If China Invaded Taiwan (Repeat)
– by Samson Ellis

The Covid Vax Massacre!
– by Darrin McBreen

Roger Stone Strikes Back at Washington Post Attack – Calls out Deep Fake Video
– by Roger Stone and Joe Hoft

The Incredible Truth behind Putin’s War In Ukraine
– by Sean Stone on Alex Jones

Watch: Watch How Nano Tech in Covid Vaccines Destroys Your Body
– by Liberty Man

China Needs to Pop Its Property Bubble
– by Mihai Macovei

Is Putin the New Coronavirus?
– by Ron Paul

The Road to Debt Monetization Is Paved with Good Intentions
– by Peter Schiff

Thread: the Globalists Want Everyone to Forget What Was Done in the Name of Covid
– by Kelen McBreen

Senior Epidemiologist Apologizes to Daughter’s Generation for “Morally Wrong” Lockdown Measures
– by Paul Joseph Watson

Flashback 2009: Alex Jones Predicted H1N1 Outbreak a ‘Beta Test’ For Global Pandemic & ‘Takeover of Society’
– by Alex Jones

LOL Putin Receives Nobel Prize in Medicine for Ending Covid Pandemic: “Yes, Putin’s Magical Ability to End This Pandemic Bodes Well for Any Democrat Running for Reelection This November, but That’s Just a Happy, Happy Coincidence.”
– by Babylon Bee

Pentagon Funded Bio-Weapons Labs in the Ukraine
– by Greg Reese

Watch: Doctors Speak out against Covid-19 Vaccine
– by Dr. Bryan Ardis and Dr. Ben Marbles on the Alex Jones Show

A Large Scale False Flag Cyber-Attack Is Now Imminent
– by Brandon Smith

Defending Freedom and Democracy Sure Requires an Awful Lot of Censorship
– by Caitlin Johnstone

US Faces Nuclear Threats from China, Russia as Never Before: US Admiral
– by Frank Fang

Watch: Doctors Speak out against Covid-19 Vaccine
– by Dr. Bryan Ardis and Dr. Ben Marbles on the Alex Jones Show

Interview: Justice Michael Gableman and Attorney Erick Kaardal Discuss Their Bombshell Wisconsin Special Counsel Report
– by Michael Gableman and Erick Kaardal with TGP and 100% Fed Up

Will There Be a 2024 Presidential Election?
– by Jim Quinn

Vernon Jones Will Nominate Trump for Speaker – and Once the Senate Confirms Impeachment of Biden and Harris “Trump Will Be President of the United States”
– by Vernon Jones

Is Covid Policy Comedy, Tragedy, or Both?
– by Jeffrey A. Tucker

Raging at Moderna for Creating the Covid-19 Gene Sequence
– by Alex Jones

Technocracy: the Operating System for the New International Rules-Based Order
– by Iain Davis

Watch: “You New World Order Traitor Piece of Sh*t, Bastard!’ — Wow! Dirty Nevada Governor Confronted in Vegas Restaurant by Bitter Constituent
– by Midnight Rider Channel

The ‘Adults in Charge’ Have Bumbled Us into a New Cold War
– by Jim Daws

Ukraine: Fact, Fiction & War Propaganda
– by Kelen McBreen

The First Casualty of War Is Truth
– by Paul Joseph Watson

It All Comes Back to NATO
– by Ron Paul

Watch: Joe Biden’s Green Energy Policies are Dangerous and Immoral – They Punish the Middle Class and Empower Enemies
– by Victor Davis Hanson

The CDC Discovers Actual Public Health, Just in Time
– by Jeffrey A. Tucker

The Clinton Campaign’s Two-Pronged Plan to Create the Trump–Russia Collusion Narrative
– by Jeff Carlson and Hans Mahncke

Ripping into the ‘Power Elite’, the ‘Biden-Clinton-Neocon-Neolib Foreign Policy’ at CPAC
– by Tulsi Gabbard

‘You’re Either with the Peaceful Truckers or You Are with the Left-Wing Fascists’
– by Trump at CPAC

Warning: Major Cyber Attack Next!
– by Darrin McBreen

Smoking Gun: Covid-19 Engineered in Lab with Moderna Patents
– by Alex Jones

The Plandemic Is Imploding and the Rats Who Committed Crimes against Humanity Are Panicking
– by Ethan Huff

Masking Kids: ‘Whole Generation of Pathological People’
– by Dr. Ben Carson

From 1991 to Now: the Chronology of the Ukrainian Crisis
– by Tyler Durden

Alex Jones Made “Giant War in February” Prediction in October Last Year
– by Paul Joseph Watson

Order Out of Chaos: How The Ukraine Conflict Is Designed to Benefit Globalists
– by Brandon Smith

Follow the Data, They Said, and Then Hid It
– by Jeffrey A. Tucker

The War on Cash Entering Bold New Phase
– by James Rickards

Perpetual Tyranny: Endless Wars Are the Enemy of Freedom
– by John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead

122 Countries on Track to Miss Covid-19 Vaccine Goal
– by Felix Richter

The State of Democracy
– by Martin Armstrong

“Economic Injustice”: 72% of PPP Money Went to the Top 20% of Earners in America

Our Leaders Made a Pact with the Devil, and Now the Devil Wants His Due
– by Charles Hugh Smith

This Takes Our Eyes Away from the “Main Event Which Is the Rise of Global Authoritarianism and the Stripping Away of Protected Civil Liberties”
– by Michele Bachman and Joe Hoft

‘Sanctions Don’t Work’ — They Only Punish the American People
– by Tulsi Gabbard

‘Get a Real F**kin’ Job!’: MSNBC Reporter Berated by Freedom Convoy Protesters, Almost Cries
– by Jamie White

Trudeau’s Tyrannical Emergencies Act Can Be Implemented in the U.S.
– by Rand Paul

The Federal Reserve: Enemy of American Workers
– by Ron Paul

In the Age of Covid, We’re Reminded an Unjust Law Is No Law at All
– by Ryan McMaken

“Now that We Know the Russian Collusion Delusion Was a Fraud, It Means My Conviction Was a Fraud Too” – Roger Stone Asks for Help to Sue Hillary Clinton
– by Roger Stone

Watch: NASCAR Fan Says ‘F*ck Joe Biden’ on Live TV Broadcast
– by FOX 35

Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake Destroys Fake News Media – Kari’s First Political Ad Will Expose the BS on Arizona Stations During Their News Programs
– by Kari Lake

The Cost of Living in the US Is Rising to Absolutely Absurd Levels
– by Michael Synder

New Zealand Great Reset Tyranny
– by Jon Bowne

Canadian Great Reset Tyranny
– by Jon Bowne

To Kill & Control: a Brief History of Unlawful Human Experiments
– by Greg Reese

Companies & Celebs Decided to Become China’s ‘Bitch’
– by Bill Maher

NATO Backed Forces Launch Massive Offensive against Russian Held Sectors of Eastern Ukraine
– by Alex Jones

Son of Political Prisoner Held Without Bond in Canada Calls for Peaceful Resistance
– by Nathaniel Pawlowski

The Great Reset = The Bilderberg Illuminati Takeover Plan
– by Jay Dyer

America’s Ruling Regime Doesn’t Fear Disinformation. It Fears Truth
– by Ben Weingarten

False Flag: Biden’s Only Option
– by Jon Bowne

“My Choices Now Are between My Job and My Life” – Woman Shares Her Tragic Story Following Pfizer Shots
– by Yolanda Vosloo

U.S. Government HIV Gene Therapy Experimentation Dates Back to at Least 2009
– by Sean Miller

How the CDC Abandoned Science
– by Vinay Prasad

The Mind Control Police: the Government’s War on Thought Crimes and Truth-Tellers
– by John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead

Treason! Lock Her Up!
– Jon Bowne

The Unstated Scandal: the CIA Collected Info on President Trump
– by Techno Fog

Even Redditors Find Forced TV Diversity Weird
– by Paul Joseph Watson

Breaking Exclusive: Former Blackrock Portfolio Manager Exposes Pfizer Fraud
Kristi Leigh Interview with Edward Dowd

The World at War in 2022
– by Martin Armstrong

They Have Already Dosed Half the Planet with Slow-Acting Lethal Injections
– by Dr. Ben Marble and Alex Jones

Watch: “He’s Going to Deliver. He’s Unraveling Biggest Political Scandal in US History” – Durham Grand Jury Interviewed 24 People So Far
– by Kash Patel

Mapping Corruption Around the World in 2021
– by Visual Capitalist

Mapping the World’s Major Religions
– by Visual Capitalist

Team Doom Reversing Covid Restrictions Shows It Was Never About Science, Only Your Compliance
– by Matt Agorist

Threats against Freedom Convoy Show Canadian Officials ‘Impotent’ because They Lost
– by Tucker Carlson

Durham: Clinton allies spied on the Executive Office of the President
– by Techno Fog

‘This is Information Warfare’: Dr. Malone Exposes ‘Top Owner of Spotify Also Top Owner of Moderna’
– by Dr. Malone on Tucker Carlson

Separation or Purge? Sharing a Society with the Political Left Is Impossible
– by Brandon Smith

Is Viktor Orban right to fear Western interference in Hungary’s election? “It Will Happen,” but “We Are Not Worried About It, We Are Prepared for It.”
– by Paul Nuttall

Time for Conservatives to Crack Down on the Postal Service – Billions in Bailouts to the 90% Democrat-controlled Institution
– by Cesar Ybarra

Shredding Pelosi’s “Weaponization” of Capitol Hill Police – CPD “Has Become a Secret Police Force that Acts on Behalf of the Democratic Party”
– by Tucker Carlson and Rep. Troy Nehls

AZ Gov. Candidate Kari Lake Schools 60 Minutes Australia – 1776 Would Commence If Americans Were Treated Like Aussies During Covid
– by Kari Lake

The Countries Where Covid-19 Vaccination Is Mandatory
– by Rand Paul

CDC Spreads Misinformation on Masking, Not Science
– by Amelia Janaskie and David Waugh

130+ UK Doctors: Failed Covid Policies Caused ‘Massive’ Harm, Especially to Children
– by Children’s Health Defense

FNC’s Geraldo Rivera: ‘Thuggish’ Truckers Are Terrorizing Canadians –They Are Not Freedom Fighters, Gets Torn Apart by Tomi Lahren
– by Fox News

Dems Have “Overplayed Their Hand” With ‘Stupid Theater’ Covid Mandates
– by Rand Paul

Dystopia Disguised as Democracy: All the Ways in Which Freedom Is an Illusion
– by John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead

Illinois Father Weeps with Rage at School Board Meeting Over Mask Mandates that Ruined His Daughter’s Development – School Board Responds by Telling Audience to Put Their Masks On
– by Jonathon Turley

Elections Now Decide Who Can Operate Your Car
– by Jim Fedako

Internet guru Tim O’Reilly on Web3: “Get Ready for the Crash”
– by CBS

Why Newspapers Refuse to Correct Errors
– by J. Peder Zane

“Dismantling Democracy” to Save it: How Democrats Rediscovered the Joys of Rigging Elections
– by Jonathon Turley

Video: Rogan Dicusses “Political Hit Job” against Him
– by Joe Rogan

Scientists Conclude Dire Climate Change Models Were Wrong, Now What? Clouds Make Calculations Out of Reach
– by Mish Talk

‘Now I Can Walk,’ 19-year-old Las Vegan Recovering from J&J Covid-19 Vaccine Nearly 10 Months Later
– by Emma Burkey and Parents

Bureau of Labor Statistics Literally Just Made Up January Jobs Report
– by Bill Hennessy

Where Cryptocurrency Is Most Heavily Used
– by Katharina Buchholz

Visualizing the State of Global Debt, by Country
– by Visual Capitalist

On Mask Mandates: ‘the Dirty Little Secret Is It’s Always Been More About Submission’
– by Sen. Rand Paul

‘A Lot of’ Covid Misinformation Was from the Medical Establishment, They Haven’t Earned ‘Monopoly Status on Information’
– by Bill Maher

Pentagon DMED Whistleblowers Expose Vaccine Holocaust
– by Lawyer Thomas Renz on the Alex Jones Show

Biden Corruption a ‘Chinese Intelligence Operation’
– by Peter Schweizer to Dan Bongino

Video: Virginia Mother Slams School Officials Over “Asinine Political Theater” Mask Mandate
– by Merianne Jenson

The Dollar Is Monopoly Money Supported by a Ponzi Scheme
– by Peter Schiff

Watch the Destruction of ABC Rookie Reporter: “When You’re Lying to the People and You’re the Media, It’s a Bad Business Model”
– by AZ Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake

Watch: Johns Hopkins Prof. Slams Media, Own Institution for Hiding Bombshell Study that Found Lockdowns Are Ineffective
– by Tucker Carlson

Covid Lockdowns and Vaccine Biggest Experiment in Human History
– by Marjorie Taylor Greene

The Voter Rolls Are the Key
– by Brian Lupo

Grading the Governors: Who Locked Down and Who Opened?
– by Michael Betrus

Epic! Brave Grandma Rips Mask Off Grocery Thief, Prevents Robbery
– by Kelen McBreen

We Are All Canadian Truckers Now!
– by Ron Paul

Watch: Local News Is A Globalist Propaganda Machine
– by Kelen McBreen

The Covid Storyline is the Greatest Scam in World History. The Truth Is This is a “Pandemic of the Vaccinated” – and the Vaccine Is Killing Us
– by Wayne Root

National Concealed Carry? Might Be Sooner than You Think
– by the Machine Gun Nest

Corporate Media and Big Tech aligned against #FreedomConvoy
– by Mark E. Jeftovic

Wokeism Is a Cruel and Dangerous Cult
– by Victor Davis Hanson

Tommy Robinson Premiering His New Film “The Rape of Britain” Today — Live on GETTR
– by Richard Abelson

Censorship by Algorithm Does Far More Damage than Conventional Censorship
– by Caitlin Johnstone

Meet the Father of a Vaccine Damaged Child Who Is Fighting Big Pharma and Winning
– by Brian Festa on the Alex Jones Show

The Globalist Reset Agenda Has Failed – Is Ukraine Plan B?
– by Brandon Smith

Watch: NBA Legend Slams mRNA “Vaccines”
– by John Stockton

What Did Clinton Know and When Did She Know It? The Russiagate Evidence Builds
– by Paul Sperry

Fact-Checkers Are Used to Confuse the Public
– by Sharyl Attkisson

Inflation Is the Kryptonite that Will End Our Decades-Long Monetary Policy Ponzi Scheme
– by Quoth the Raven

Watch: Dr. Peter McCullough Blasts Vaccines, Censorship on Fox News
– by Adan Salazar

Green Bay Packers Great Speaks Out About Wife’s Severe Covid Vaccine Reaction
– by DNP CD Sports

“Dangerous and Ineffective” Covid Vaccines “Need to be Withdrawn from Market,” Vaccine Researcher Tells Tucker
– by Adan Salazar

Special Report: Biden Admin Launches Proxy War in Ukraine with Russia
– by John Bowne

Authoritarian Madness: the Slippery Slope from Lockdowns to Concentration Camps – They Weren’t “for the Jews,” They Were for You
– by John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead

We All Are Covid Cops Now: Politicians Evade Responsibility When They Make Civilians Enforce Mask and Vaccine Mandates
– by Kat Rosenfield

Interview: Vaccinated People under the Spell of ‘Mass Formation Hypnosis’
– by Eric Clapton

Unmask America
– by Jeff Deist

China Builds 27 Empty New York Cities
– by James Dale Davidson

Flashback: Fauci Spreading False Information of AIDS, Said Being around Is Enough to Catch
– by Martin Armstrong

Why We’ll End up Eating Bugs
– by Peter Franklin

Anonymous Officials Claim There’s An Evil Russian Plot Again But The Evidence Is Secret Again
– by Caity Johnstone

“A Catastrophic Moral Crime,” ‘Say the Quiet Part Out Loud’ on Leftist Covid Policies
– by Bari Weiss & Bill Maher

“Vaccination Has Become a Test for Entry into the Civic Body.”
– by Josie Appleton

We Are in a Civil War. It’s a War of Good vs Evil. And Democrats Are the Confederate South
– by Wayne Root

The End of Natural Population Growth?
– by Statista

Blasts Joe Biden for Calling Covid ‘Pandemic of the Unvaccinated,’ Mocks His Public Speaking
– by Aaron Rodgers

‘Medical Malpractice to Force Vaccines on Children’
– by Rand Paul

Hillary Clinton Is Licking Her Chops as Joe Biden Falls Apart, ‘Putting Together’ an ‘Exploratory Campaign’ for 2024
– by Jack Posobiec

“President Biden Admitted Yesterday – That the 2020 Election May Very Well Have Been a Fraud”
– by President Trump

George Soros Attorney Prosecutes Jan-6er in DC Gulag on Made-Up Charges! Please Help This Man Win
– by Kelly Wilde

Investing Legend Turns Apocalyptic, Expects Stocks To Crater 50% In Largest Wealth Destruction In US History
– by Jeremy Grantham

Watch: Student Destroys School Board with Sarcastic Speech Thanking Them for Masks
– by Addison George

Watch: Joe Manchin Stands Up to Democrats in Epic Floor Speech Shaming Them for Trying to Nuke Filibuster
– by Sen. Joe Manchin

The Federal Reserve Is a Money-Making Enterprise
– by Peter Schiff

“Yes, There Is a Coverup in the Election in the State of Georgia and Yes the Secretary of State, We Believe, Is Behind It”
– by Garland Favorito

Will Testify before Liz Cheney’s Sham Jan. 6 Committee, “Looks Forward” to Sharing Evidence of Election Fraud
– by Sidney Powell

The Last Days of the Covidian Cult
– by CJ Hopkins

The Soros Dozen: Big City Prosecutors Backed by George Soros
– by Joel B. Pollak

Why They Want to Keep the “Health Emergency” Going Forever
– by Ryan McMaken

Survey: Here’s What Your Fellow Americans Think Should Happen to the Unvaccinated
– by Jeff Thompson

European Legal Expert: Vaccine Mandates Are the Beginning of a ‘Social Credit System’ – the Reason Europeans Are Standing up
– by Tucker Carlson and Eva Vlaardingerbroek

On His Upcoming Movie “The Rape of Britain” Fathers and Sons Rape Girls Together
– by Tommy Robinson

Conspiracies as Realities, Realities as Conspiracies
– by Victor Davis Hansen

The Phones Emitting the Least Radiation
– by Martin Armstrong

The Monumental Sacrifice of Novak Djokovic
– by Stacey Rudin

Experts Are Warning that Empty Shelves and Food Shortages Are Going to Continue for Many Weeks to Come
– by Michael Snyder

Politics Is Dead, Here’s What Killed It – to Cloak Their Betrayal and Treachery, the Parties Have Pursued a Divide-and-Conquer Distraction Game
– by Charles Hugh Smith

Official Covid-19 ‘Narrative Has Crumbled’
– by Dr. Peter McCullough

Flashback – Patriot Act Used against Protestors: JAN6 Committee Playbook Exposed
– by Alex Jones

Rand Paul Wonders If YouTube Will “Kiss My… and Apologise” after CDC Admits Cloth Masks Aren’t Effective
– by Rand Paul

Visualizing the $94 Trillion World Economy in One Chart
– by Visual Capitalist

Must-see Video: in the Dutch Parliament, Speaking Truth to Power
– by Andrea Widburg

Politicizing Covid-19 from the Start
– by Victor Davis Hanson

Freedom in the 50 States: an Index of Personal and Economic Freedom
– by the CATO Institute

For Leftists, Your Freedom Is Their Misery – Your Slavery Is Their Joy
– by Brandon Smith

Interview with Pennsylvania Senator and President Pro Tempore, Jake Corman, on Current Investigation into 2020 Election Results in the State
– by Jake Corman on the War Room

Father “On the Run” with 7-Year-Old Daughter to Prevent Mother from Giving The Child Covid Vaccine
– by Michael Jackson with Laura Lynn

Biden Regime Prepares for War against Americans
– by Jon Bowne

Rand Paul Labels Fauci ‘Juvenile Political Creature’ for Playing the Victim
– by Rand Paul

It Turns Out that, If You Doubted Covid’s Deadliness, You Were Correct
– by Andrea Widburg

New Pentagon Papers Show Covid-19 Is a Bioweapon Made in China Paid for and Developed by US Scientists Who Then Covered It Up while Pushing Flawed Public Health Policies
– by Lawrence Sellin

ANTIFA Terorrist with Bomb Gets Bond, while January 6 Political Prisoners Languish in Jail with No Bail, No Bong, No Equal Justice
– by Cara Castronuova

Othering Unvaccinated Persons
– by Jared McBrady

Covid-19 Vaccine Effectiveness (against Infection Not Severe Disease) Goes Down the Drain
– by Vinay Prasad

What Happens If the Fed Takes Its Thumb Off the Housing Market?
– by Peter Schiff

How Easy Money Inflated Corporate Profits
– by Brendan Brown

Watch: Dr. Malone Responds to Project Veritas Fauci Gain-of-Function Bombshell (Highlights)
– by Kristi Leigh

We Need a Revolution
– by Ron Paul

On the Ruling Class, Administrative State: “They’re Using Jan 6 Really as a Way to Not Talk About the 2020 Election”
– by Ned Ryun

U.S. Tyrants Push Covid Internment Camps – Exclusive Report
– by John Bowne

Bacterial Contamination: the Other Side of the Mask Story They Never Tell You
– by Jim Hoft

How Vaccine Mandates Became a Political Weapon – Biden Is Using Them to Punish His Enemies
– by Geoff Shullenberger

In Much of the West, the Walls Are Closing in on Anti-vaccinaters
– by Anthony Faiola

“By Destroying Democracy We Can Actually Save It” – the Left’s Logic after Stealing the 2020 Election
– by Professor Nicholas Giordano with Steve Malzberg

2021 Year in Review, Part 2 – Heart of Darkness & the Rise of Centralized Healthcare
– by David B. Collum

The Lesson of Covid: When People Are Anxious, Isolated and Hopeless, They’re Less Ready to Think Critically
– by Johnathon Cook

Get the Courts Out of Science
– by Jeffrey A. Tucker

Why Don’t We Cut Out the Middleman and Just Elect Pfizer & Merck?
– by Charles Hugh Smith

Will Artificial Intelligence Create a Socialist Paradise?
– by Doug French

3+ Billion to Die in Next 10 Years, Covid-19 Vaccine Stats Show
– by Alex Jones and Mike Adams

Destroying a Democracy to Save it: Democrats Call for the Disqualification of Dozens of Republican Members
– by Jonathon Turley

Who Are the Real Insurrectionists?
– by Victor Davis Hanson

“Preserve the Narrative”: the Public Rejects the “Insurrection” Claim in New Polling
– by Jonathon Turley

“Everyone Who Died with Covid Should Be Considered Murdered”: Nurse Promoting Early Treatment Exposes Scamdemic in Epic School Board Rant
– by Nurse Wallace

Video: Slamming ‘Hysteria’ over Renewed Shut Down of Schools, ‘Vaccine Absolutism’
– by Rand Raul

The Compliance Conundrum
– by Gabrielle Bauer

Despotism Is the New Normal: Looming Threats to Freedom in 2022
– by John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead

Taking Back Our Liberty in 2022
– by Ron Paul

The Death of Truth
– by Michael Snyder

The Big Lie and the Elastic Truth: How to Invent a Coup
– by Frank Miele

Race-Based Covid-19 Treatment Violates Federal Law… and the Biden DOJ Is Silent
– by Techno Fog

What If the Largest Experiment on Human Beings in History Is a Failure?
– by Dr. Robert Malone

The End of the Pandemic Will Not Be Televised
– by David Robertson and Peter Doshi

Alex Jones Exposes Covid before Lockstep
– by Alex Jones

Watch: Texas Election Audit Phase1 Progress Report Is Released – Shows 700K Ineligible Voter Registrations
– by Seth Keshel and Moseder

Only the Most Brainwashed ‘True Believers’ Will Cling to the Failed Narrative
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