2020 Presidential Election Voter Fraud in Michigan
– a theVeryRight.com Investigative Report

The 2020 Presidential Election and Covid-19 Testing – a Celebratory Compilation of the First Year of theVeryRight.com

Election 2020: a Pre-programming Guide
– by Geoff Linsley

Where Central Banks Have Issued Digital Currencies
– by Katharina Buchholz

Hunger Risk Hotspots
– by Katharina Buchholz

Watch: the 2-Party System and the Dumbing Down of America
– by Greg Reese

Wuhan: the Biggest Coverup in American History Just Happened before Our Eyes
– by Peter Navarro

Atlanta Airport Goes Full Dystopian, Using Digital Facial Recognition IDs, Fulfilling Klaus Schwab’s Prophecy that Humans Will Be Digitized
– by Leo Hohmann

Laid Low by the Covid Vaccine, Now They’ve Got a Bad Case of Federal Unresponsiveness
– by Christian Britschgi

Agendas Run Rampant over Science in the Biden Administration
– by Michael Chamberlain

A State of Martial Law: America Is a Military Dictatorship Disguised as a Democracy
– by John & Nisha Whitehead

Watch: NIH Is ‘to Blame’ for Covid for Funding Risky Research, Scientific Community Doesn’t Want to Accept Blame for Pandemic
– by Former HHS Assistant Secretary Adm. Brett Giroir

Watch: Praising RFK Jr. for Exposing Vaccine Dangers – ‘That to Me Is a Pair of Balls’
– by Bill Maher

Gold’s Steady Migration from West to East
– by Michael MaHarrey

What Would the Founding Fathers Say about Our National Debt?
– by Peter Schiff

Watch: “We Were Never Asked” – Mass Migration Poses Existential Threat to Western Civilization
– by Dan Lyman

The Burisma Case in Ukraine and the Hunter Biden Case in the U.S. Were Forged Using the Same Scheme
– by Jim Hoft

They Want to Implement a Global System of Digital Identification “for All” that Would Be Connected to Our Bank Accounts
– by Michael Snyder

A Century of Impotency: Conservative Failure and the Administrative State – “They Have Accepted that It Is a Necessary Governmental Innovation Required by the Complexity of Modern Society”
– by Theo Wold

It’s Time for GOP Congress to Subpoena CEOs of Mainstream Media and Ask Them under Oath Why They’re Covering-Up Biden’s Crimes
– by Wayne Root

8 Signs that the Futuristic Control Freak Agenda of the Globalists Is Rapidly Moving Forward
– by Michael Snyder

“Blatant Political Corruption”: the Rot in America’s Democracy Explained in under 1000 Words
– by Zerohedge

Unleashing the Power of Greed: How the Free Market Propels Progress
– by Michael Matulef

“A Global Digital Compact” – UN Promoting Censorship, Social Credit & Much More
– by Kit Knightly

The Imminent Extradition of Julian Assange and the Death of Journalism: “Should He Be Convicted in the U.S., Any Reporting on the Inner Workings of Power Will Become a Crime.”
– by Chris Hedges

Far-Left CNN Stopped Fact-Checking Joe Biden (until Someone Noticed)
– by John Nolte

The National Debt Is a Ticking Time Bomb: “Nobody Seems Particularly Concerned outside of a Handful of Contrarians.”
– by Schiff Gold

FBI Make-Work Entrapment Schemes: Creating Criminals in Order to Arrest Them
– by John & Nisha Whitehead

The Reset: When Will Globalists Attempt to Introduce Their Digital Currency System?
– by Brandon Smith

Former Trump Attorney Reveals Why ‘Pretrial Diversion’ Used to Soften Hunter’s ‘Gun Charge’ Would Not Be Available for Anyone Similarly Situated to Hunter Biden: “The Average for the Same Crime Is 39 Months in Federal Prison for Anyone Not Hunter Biden”
– by Cristina Laila

Watch: Bilderberg Whistleblower Exposes Globalists’ Master Plan and How to Stop It
– by Daniel Estulin and Alex Jones

Are You a Conspiracy Theorist? “If You Are Thoughtful and Interested in Public Affairs, the Media Will Say You Are.”
– by Jeffrey A. Tucker

Politicians in Our Major Cities Have Decided the Solution to the Crime Wave Is to Help Criminals Commit More Crimes
– by Michael Snyder

Watch: the New World Order System of Power, Profit & Control, as Breifly Explained by Dr. Shiva
– by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

Watch: Slamming FOX News for Apologizing for ‘Wannabe Dictator’ Headline about Joe Biden
– by Tucker Carlson

Watch: America Needs to Be Recaptured under the Banner of Liberty
– by Greg Reese

Biggest Lie in Crypto? Prometheum: How SEC, US Democrats Conduct a Psyop vs. Coinbase and Binance
– by Jake Simmons

Traitor to the Constitution: the U.S. Government Is the Real Criminal
– by John & Nisha Whitehead

Watch: Supermarkets Now Demanding Customers Download QR Codes and an App on Their Smartphone Merely to Bypass a Barrier and Enter the Shop.
– by Paul Joseph Watson

Watch: Trump Attorney Turns the Tables and Obliterates Sniveling Clinton Crony George Stephanopoulos during Interview on Sham Trump Indictment
– by Jim Trusty

The 4 Billion Year Path of Human Evolution Visualized
– by Mark Belan

Why Patriots Shouldn’t Pledge Allegiance
– by Brian McGlinchey

Moving toward a Global Empire: Humanity Sentenced to a Unipolar Prison and a Digital Gulag
– by David Skripac

Russiagate: the Scandal that Became Business as Usual
– by J. Peder Zane

12 Ways to Cut the Chains of Financial Serfdom
– by Charles Hugh Smith

Watch: Blasting Corrupt Justice System after Sham Trump Indictment: ‘I Am No Longer a Believer’
– by Judge Jeanine

ESG Dystopia: Why Corporations Are Doubling Down on Woke Even as They Lose Billions
– by Brandon Smith

Watch: Arson-Driven Wildfires Being Used as Catalyst for Canadian FEMA<
– by Greg Reese

Watch: Is There about to Be a Fake Alien Invasion?
– by Brian Wilson

Georgia’s WEF Puppet Governor Brian Kemp Rolls Out Digital IDs for All Citizens
– by Leo Hohmann

Europe’s Digital Services Act Puts Free Speech at the Mercy of Eurocrats
– by David Thunder

‘Death Sentence for Millions’: WHO, EU Launch New Global Vaccine Passport Initiative
– by Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.

Watch: WSJ Confirms Pedophile Network Using Food Code Words with Help from Instagram
– by Alex Jones

Affirmative Action and White Guilt for History Are Racist Ideas
– by Richard Dawkins

– by Mark Levin

On Jack Smith Witch Hunt: “It’s Obviously Weaponization of Uur Justice System – Joe Biden Has Had Classified Documents at His Place Since 1974”
– by Matt Gaetz

Two Tiers of Justice
– by Kash Patel

Watch: Responding to NPR’s Hit Piece about Gateway Pundit Voter Fraud Coverage
– by Jim Hoft and Owen Shroyer

LOL Watch: FBI Deep Stater James Comey Confronted during Book Tour, Liberals in Audience Freak Out
– by Owen Shroyer

Watch Epic “War Cry” Speech
– by Matt Baker

The Cloward-Piven Strategy
– by Martin Armstrong

Hollywood Is More Evil than Your ‘Worst Fears’
– by James Woods

Twenty Grim Realities Unearthed by Lockdowns
– by Jeffrey A. Tucker

The Countries with No Earth Overshoot Day
– by Martin Armstrong

When Your Own Government Confirms It Paid Censors to Silence You…
– by Daisy Luther

Watch: Laura Loomer Confronts Disgraced Former FBI Director James Comey – and He Flees the Stage
– by Laura Loomer

Steps to World Rule: First, Destroy Humanity
– by Rodd Hayen

What Happens When the Competent Opt Out?
– by Charles Hugh Smith

Govt. Nudge Units Find the “Best” Ways to Manipulate the Public
– by Marie Hawthrone

Watch: Biden Radicalizes America against Americans
– by Jon Bowne

The Criminalization of Truth in the Western World: “Fox News, in Settling Gratuitously a Civil Law Suit from Dominion Voting Machines, Paid Close to $1 Billion to Create the Precedent that Reporting News that Is Harmful to Any Party Is Libel Even If the Reported News Is True and Had No Malicious Intent.”
– by Paul Craig Roberts

Video: Journalist Disrupts Rachel Maddow’s Speech, Presses on Russiagate Lies
– by Grayzone News Editor Max Blumenthal

LOL: Audio Reveals Biden Handler’s Hilarious Attempt to Prevent His Fall in Satire Video
– by @MagaMemeWizard

Meet the ‘Nonpartisan’ Dark-Money Group Rigging Michigan Elections so One Party Can’t Lose
– by Samuel T. Lair

A Debt Jubilee of Biblical Proportions Is Coming Soon… What You Need to Know
– by Doug Casey

The Bankruptcy of the US Government
– by Doug Casey

AI: Good News for Bad Guys
– by James Rickards

Watch: Are You Ready for the mRNA Universal Flu Vaccine?
– by the Tyrannical Lisp

Watch: ‘THE GREAT AWAKENING’ Official Trailer
– by Mikki Willis

Fall of American Empire & Descent into a New Dark Ages
– by Jim Quinn

Conspirators for the Constitution: When Anti-Government Speech Becomes Sedition
– by John & Nisha Whitehead

Watch Alex Jones Was Right: Predicted Power Grid Attacks Would Be Blamed on Conservatives
– by Infowars

Watch: Globalists Planning to Launch False Flag Cyber Attack on Power Grid
– by Alex Jones

Video Examines Methods of Agitators, Provocateurs Who Attacked Police on Jan. 6
– by Tank Man

Watch Flashback: the Best Way to Honor Sacrifice Is to Seek an End to War and Militarism
– by Andy Rooney

Gross Domestic Income GDI Suggests the US Is in Recession Right Now
– by Mish Talk

Watch: the Active Downgrade of America
– by Jon Bowne

Flashback Alex Jones Was Right: FBI Releases Report Confirming Three San Bernardino Shooters
– by Infowars

Video: Epic 1958 Speech by Anti-Communist Businessman Lays Out New World Order Takeover Unfolding Today
– by John Birch Society Founder Robert Welch

As Interest Rates Rise, the Era of “Deficits Don’t Matter” Is Over
– by Ryan McMaken

The Death of Privacy… and What Comes Next: “I’ll Go So Far as to Say that Central Bank Digital Currencies and Digital “Health Passports” May Be the Most Dangerous Threats to the Freedom and Independence of the Average Human Being in Modern History.”
– by Doug Casey

Watch: 30 Nations Now Want to Join BRICS Signalling Major Trouble for the Dollar & Bright Future for Gold
– by Dan Dicks

Where Trust in the News Is Highest & Lowest
– by Anna Fleck

The Death of Jordan Neely: Why Vigilantes Are a Good Thing
– by Brandon Smith

Watch: Ongoing Silence Regarding Fentanyl’s Role in George Floyd’s Death 3-Years Later
– by Owen Shroyer

Watch Scandal! FBI, DOJ, & IRS Under Fire for Protecting Biden Crime Family, Ignoring Congressional Inquiries
– by Owen Shroyer

The 2014 Collapse in Race Relations: How Black Lives Matter Got Police Violence Wrong
– by Christopher J. Ferguson

The Woke Cartel and Twitter’s New CEO
– by Michael Rectenwald

Blue State Blues: George Soros’s ‘New World Order’ Plan, 1993
– by Joel B. Pollak

Watch Dean Michele Bachmann in Geneva: WHO Director Demands Sovereignty and Control Over All Member Nations Due to Global Warming Crisis
– by Steve Bannon and Michele Bachmann

Three Lies They’re Telling You about the Debt Ceiling
– by Ryan McMaken

Rein in the FBI: Put an End to the FBI’s Gestapo Tactics
– by John & Nisha Whitehead

The Middle Class Is Being Systematically Destroyed: “If You Wanted to Destroy the Middle Class, One Way that You Could Accomplish that Goal Would Be to Flood the System with Money.”
– by Michael Snyder

Flashback: Comedy Skit Modern Educayshun Predicted Insanity of Woke Equity-Based Education System
– by Neel Kolhatkar

The Drug War: an Irrational Crusade
– by Donavan Lingerfelt

Abandon the Swamp
– by Roger Kimball

How Corruption Makes You Poor: “The New Digital Innovations Are Then Used to Punish Certain Baskets of Deplorables, Rig Elections, and Stymie Honest Debate for the Purpose of Locking People Down, Pumping Them Full of Bogus Vaccines, and Locking the Doors to Their Churches.”
– by M. N. Gordon

The Truth about Randi Weingarten and the School Closures
– by Jennifer Sey

Everyone Has Missed Real Revelation of the Durham Report: Obama Is the Real ‘Big Guy.’ Obama Is the Criminal Mastermind. Obama Committed Treason.
– by Wayne Root

Five Revelations in Five Days Expose Chris Wray’s FBI as Criminal Enterprise Devoid of Morals and Legitimacy
– by Jim Hoft

How John Durham Documented the Biggest Illegal Dirty Trick in U.S. History & Why No One Will Be Held Responsible
– by Roger Stone

Is Self-Defense Becoming Illegal?
– by Joshua Phillip

You Are Not Alone, Anger Is Building across the World
– by Bruce Wilds

Do Whites Also Deserve Reparations?
– by John Mac Ghilonn

Visualized: the Decline of Affordable Housing in the U.S.
– by Chris Dickert

Watch: MAGA Terror! Threat Level #1
– by Darrin McBreen

Watch: the Cloward-Piven Strategy
– by Greg Reese

Full Interview: Dr. Ruby Exposes Bill Gates Next Big Plan, How mRNA Is Being Weaponized and the Truth about Covid Murders: Hospital Protocols Caused More Death in 2020 & 2021 than Covid
– by Owen Shroyer and Dr. Jane Ruby

The Club of Rome: How Climate Hysteria Is Being Used to Create Global Governance
– by Brandon Smith

The Power of Public Health Agencies Must Be Curbed
– by Jayanta Bhattacharya

Dirty FBI Revokes Security Clearances of Whistleblowers before Congressional Testimony – but 51 Signatories of Bogus Hunter Biden Laptop Letter Still Have There’s
– by Jim Hoft

Flashback: Somehow Corrupt FBI Director Jim Comey Knew Jeff Sessions Was Going to Recuse Himself in Sessions’ First Week in Office
– by Jim Hoft

Watch: the Impending Right-Wing False Flag
– by Alex Jones

End the FBI
– by Ryan McMaken

Watch: Too Big to Fail Banks Now Connected to Jeffrey Epstein Child Sex Trafficking
– by Greg Reese

Watch: Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax Was Made Up By Hillary to Keep Herself out of Jail
– by Judicial Watch Chairman Tom Fitton

Ex-DOJ Official and Wife Had Bigger Roles in Dossier than Known: Durham Report
– by Paul Sperry

Leaked Pentagon Report Forensically Dismantled Fauci-Led Natural Origin Study
– by Hans Mahncke

Charting the Rise of America’s Debt Ceiling
– by Dorothy Neufeld and Nick Routley

Watch: Telling OANN People Involved in the Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax Should Be Put on Trial
– by Devin Nunes

Watch: UN Prepares the World for New Pandemic Power Grab
– by Alex Jones

Watch: on Tucker Carlson’s Departure from FOX
– by Alex Jones, James O’Keefe & Steve Bannon

Will Abortion Kill the GOP?
– by J. Peder Zane

Ron Paul Wrecks ‘Red Flag’ Gun Laws
– by Ron Paul

The Failure of Public Works and Public Funding
– by John Kennedy

Watch: More Info about Hunter Biden and Sex Trafficking
– by Joe Hoft

In the Event of an Official US Bankruptcy
– by Stephen Anderson

J6 Attorney Says Feds Using Military Counterterrorism Tactics against Americans
– by Matt McGregor

America’s Powerful Intellectual Class Finds ‘Joy in Making Us Obey and Be Compliant,’ Warns Scholar
– by Jan Jekielek and Naveen Athrappully

Watch Start to Finish: Biden’s Border Invasion Pipeline Revealed
– by Owen Shroyer

A Colossal Failure around the World: the Safety Data Are Nothing Less than Horrifying – “An Oxford University Study of 900 Hospital Staff Members in Vietnam Showed that Peak Viral Loads among the Infected Vaccinated (“Breakthrough” Infected) Staff Were 251 Times Higher than Those of Unvaccinated Personnel.”
– by Colleen Huber

“That Is the Definition of Election Rigging” – Kash Patel: CIA Broke Federal Law by Organizing, Sponsoring and Pushing the Bogus Hunter Biden Laptop Petition during the 2020 Presidential Election
– by Kash Patel

How Hillary Clinton Began the Ukraine War in 2013
– by Jerome Corsi

Watch Never Forget: a Retrospective on the Media Lies Surrounding Covid
– by Zerohedge

Open Border Catastrophe Is the Cloward-Piven Plan to Destroy America that I Learned at Columbia University – Alongside My Classmate Barack Obama
– by Wayne Root

Ukraine’s Future Lies in the Great Reset
– by Stavroula Pabst

Where the Internet Has Been Restricted
– by Martin Armstrong

Why Was EcoHealth Alliance’s Grant Reinstated despite Group’s Apparent Failure to Comply with NIH Conditions?
– by Hans Mahncke

Our Two Deep States: One Public, One Private
– by Charles Hugh Smith

Watch: Learn How the British Coronation is Mind Control
– by Jay Dyer

Watch: Government Workers Betray Constitutional Oath and Submit to United Nations Agenda
– by Greg Reese

You Musk Be Joking! Who is ‘Woke’, WEF-Linked Executive Hired to Run Twitter?
– by Ilya Tsukanov

The Four Pillars of Medical Ethics Were Destroyed in the Covid Response
– by Clayton J. Baker, M.D.

The Disinformation Governance Board Is Out. The “Foreign Malign Influence Center” Is In.
– by Didi Rankovic

The Great Wealth Illusion
– by Jesse Felder

Exclusive: Biden’s Invasion Policy Revealed
– by Owen Shroyer

Watch: Reporter Goes Off on Government Human Trafficking Operation
– by Owen Shroyer

Video: Slamming Border Chaos as “Nothing Less Than an Invasion”
– by Ted Cruz

Watch: Biden Crime Syndicate Uncovered
– by Bowne Report

Corporate Media’s Extinction Event: MSM Went “All-in” on a Discredited Covid Narrative
– by Mark E. Jeftovic

E-Verify Is Deeply Dangerous
– by El Gato Malo

Attacking Legacy Media ‘Scumrats’ for ‘Lying’ about Slavery
– by Jordan Peterson

Airsoft Terrorist: Why Is the DOJ Lying about Jack Teixeira?
– by Larry Johnson

Know Thy Enemy: Top 50 Players of the Censorship-Industrial Complex Revealed
– by Matt Taibbi

Covid Lab-Leak and the Attack on Common Sense
– by Charlie Tidmarsh

Why Legacy Media Won’t Cover the CIA’s Alleged Attempt to Influence the 2020 Election
– by Jonathan Miltimore and Julian Adorney

Watch: Biden’s Border Hell Tsunami Unleashed on America
– by Jon Bowne

Watch Red Alert: Biden Initiates Rex 84 as Southern Border Collapses!
– by Pete Santili and Alex Jones

Watch: Reporter Goes Off on Border Patrol for Secret Human Smuggling Operation Caught on Drone
– by Owen Shroyer

Flashback: UN Document Reveals Plan To Flood America With 600 Million Migrants
– by Infowars

Map Explainer: Sudan
– by Nick Routley

Watch: Joe Hoft Pulls the Curtains Back on How American Elections Can Be Tampered with & Covered Up
– by Joe Hoft and Owen Shroyer

Watch: Lawyer Explains How Juror’s Statements Made after Proud Boys Case Should Warrant a Mistrial or Have Entire Case Dismissed
– by Kevin Slaten and Owen Shroyer

If Hunter Is Indicted
– by Charles Lipson

Watch: Street Report Proves American Public Primed for Climate Lockdowns
– by Ami Horowitz

The Flight from the US Dollar
– by Ted Snider

The Collapse of the West’s “Business Model”
– by James Howars Knustler

Secrets of Tucker Carlson’s Twitter Move Revealed: “the Backstory to Tucker Carlson’s Alliance with Elon Musk”
– by Alex Jones

Dr. Rochelle Walensky’s Dishonourable Acts
– by Ian Miller

Watch: Election Integrity, Free Speech, Secure Borders and More
– by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Mike Adams

Elon Musk Calls the Allen Texas Mall Shooter Narrative “a Very Bad Psyop”
– by Elon Musk

Watch: “I Really Touched the Third Rail on a Mention of Jeffrey Epstein” – Shareholder Peter Flaherty Breaks Silence Following His Arrest after Criticizing Warren Buffett’s Ties with Bill Gates
– by Peter Flaherty

Watch: Mathematician Proves Crime Stats Are Manipulated by the FBI to Conceal Racial Reality
– by the Alex Jones Show

Watch: NYPD Officer Predicts Migrant Waves Will Lead to Total Collapse during Next Pandemic Shut Down
– by Mike Adams

Listen: the Plot to Keep the Masses in the Dark until the Great Reset Rug Pull
– by Mike Adams

Covid Lockdwons – This Was Downright Morbid: “Mistakes Were Inevitable and to Be Expected, Perhaps Even Excusable.”
– by Jeffrey A. Tucker

The Silent Strings of ChatGPT
– by Rob Henderson

The World at War in 2023
– by Martin Armstrong

Watch: the DOJ Is Going to Indict Trump – May Put Him in Prison Until His Trial
– by Julie Kelly and Jesse Kelly

America’s First Black President Left a Legacy of Slavery
– by Brian McGlinchey

Obama’s Role Enriching Biden and Hillary
– by Jerome Corsi

Who Are the 9 Secret Intel Officials Who Signed on to the Hunter Biden Laptop Disinfo Letter “Who Cannot Be Named Publicly?”
– by Jim Hoft

Watch: Biden Crime Family Financial Scandal Is “Biggest Foreign Corruption Scandal in American History” that Now Reaches All the Way to the Oval Office
– by Stephen Miller and Maria Baritromo

FBI Seizes Couple’s Life-Savings Without Charging Them of Crime – Here’s How It’s Completely Legal
– by Johnathon Jones

The Bumpy Road ahead for the World Economy
– by Gail Tverberg

Watch All the Media Lapdogs Who Claimed that Gas Stove Bans Were a Right Wing Conspiracy
– by Mike LaChance

Tucker Carlson Gets Standing Ovation in First Public Appearance Since Leaving FOX News: Watch Entire Speech
– by Tucker Carlson

Watch: Weapons Expert Says Putin Will Eliminate Zelensky after Drone Attack on Kremlin
– by Scott Ritter and Alex Jones

The Perfect Democratic President?
– by Paul Gottfried

The UK’s Pro-Monarchy Age Gap
– by Martin Armstrong

Take Care of America First! We’re Sending Mountains of Money Overseas but Our Own Communities Are Dying
– by Michael Snyder

On the Debt Ceiling Farce and Why the US Should Declare Bankruptcy: “The US Federal Government Has Raised the So-Called Debt Ceiling 104 Times Since 1944. Shouldn’t They Call It a Debt Target Instead of a Debt Ceiling?”
– by Doug Casey

The Dominion Lawsuit against Fox News Is Part of the War against Free Speech
– by Ryan McMaken

Leaders of the Proud Boys Convicted of ‘Seditious Conspiracy‘ and ‘Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice’ — Not for Their Actions, but the for the Actions of Everyone Else at the Capitol Building on Jan. 6, 2021
– by Greg Reese

Blue State Blues: Time for an Impeachment Inquiry into Biden for Bribery
– by Joel B. Pollack

Will a New BRICS Currency Change Anything? Maybe
– by Jon Wolfenbarger

Media Matters Accidentally Makes Tucker Carlson Look Awesome with ‘Leaked’ Videos
– by Zerohedge

It’s a Good Thing for Ordinary Americans If the US Loses Reserve Currency Status
– by Ryan McMaken

Watch: “We Can Never Forget What They Inflicted on Us” – Firing Off on Kamala, Fauci and Trudeau
– by Sky News Star Host Rita Panahi

No, Washington Post, the Experts Were the Whole Problem
– by John Tamny

15 Days Finally Ends after 1,141 Days
– by Brownstone Institute

Watch: Why Isn’t Ray Epps in Prison?
– by Brian Wilson

Wow, What a Scandal: “Fox News Is Leaking Material to Its Supposed ‘Adversaries’ – Media Matters and the New York Times.”
– by Paul Joseph Watson

Fooling Us with Fake Stats: Household Net Worth
– by John Rubino

Disarm the IRS, De-Militarize the Bureaucracy, and Dismantle the Standing Army
– by John & Nisha Whitehead

The Dark History of Vaccines: The Manmade Origin of Aids and Other Diseases
– by Mindy Robinson

Watch: Hollywood Actress Speaks Out against Child Porn Industry Horrors
– by Blake Lively

Watch: “It’s Never Been More Clear. Epstein Was an Intelligence Asset. Not Only Was He Working with the CIA, Israeli Intelligence, Maybe Even Russian”
– by Jesse Waters

Charles Schwab and Other Big Banks May Be Secretly Insolvent
– by Manuel García Gojon

America’s Empire Is Bankrupt: the Dollar Is Finally Being Dethroned
– by John Michael Greer

Why Are So Many Covid Authoritarians Suddenly Shifting Their Narratives? “Perhaps Even More Damning Data Is on the Horizon and Officials Are Preemptively Positioning to Deflect Responsibility”
– by Zerohedge

Equity and the Race to the Bottom: “Students Are Increasingly Taught at the Lowest Common Denominator Rather than Being Challenged to Do Their Best.”
– by Jack Miller

Kamala’s Affair: Sleeping Her Way to the Top
– by Martin Armstrong

Fauci: “Something Clearly Went Wrong”
– by Jeffrey Tucker

Watch: We Are Being Initiated into a Luciferian Cult
– by Jay Dyer

Watch: Sounding Off on Political Persecution of Donald Trump and the Degeneracy of the New Left
– by Judge Joe Brown and Owen Shroyer

Watch: RFK Jr and the CIA
– by Greg Reese

GOP Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy Runs Victory Lap in Wake of Don Lemon Firing
– by Vivek Ramaswamy

Watch: Education ‘Indoctrination’ Causes ‘Woke Mind Virus’ that Is Anti-Free Speech and Endangers Civilization
– by Bill Maher and Elon Musk

The Road to a Single Fiat World Currency
– by Thorsten Polleit

The Censorship-Industrial Complex
– by Andrew Lowenthal

Fed Now… and What’s Next
– by Eric Peters

Watch: Mayorkas Is a Sex Trafficking Kingpin
– by Jon Bowne

Paul Fitzpatrick: Soros-Backed ‘Global Disinformation Index’ Is a Tool for Election-Swaying Censorship
– by Sean Moran

Tim Robbins Says New Role Inspired by Covid Lockdowns: Blasts ‘Questionable Choices’ Made During Pandemic
– by Jim Nolte

Watch: Calling for Rise of Decentralized Independent Media to Fight Censorship
– by Brian Rose and Alex Jones

Watch: Investigative Journalist Exposes America’s Secret Space Program and the Breakaway Civilization
– by Dark Journalist and Alex Jones

The War on Free Speech Is Really a War on the Right to Criticize the Government
– by John & Nisha Whitehead

Did Biden Steal the Election?
– by Ron Paul

Disinformation and the State: the Aptly Named RESTRICT Act
– by Ryan Turnipseed

America’s Social Contract Is Broken by the Illegitimate Process of Wealth Acquisition
– by Charles Hugh Smith

How Greening the Economy Will Destroy America
– by Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr.

Watch: Tucker Carlson Is the Canary in the Coal Mine — They Are Coming for Us All
– by Alex Jones

What about the Permanent Task-Force on Disinformation? A Question for Elon Musk
– by Robert Kogon

“What Were These Family Members Doing to Receive This Money?” – on the Biden Family Money Laundering Schemes
– by James Comer and Maria Bartiromo

Watch: ‘Fauci Deserves Culpability, and History is Going to Judge Him Very Poorly’
– by Rand Paul

Biden Family Took Tens of Millions from Entities Directly Connected to the CCP, China Military, and Ukraine
– by Jim Hoft

RESTRICT Act Is the Final Tyranny Nail in the Coffin of the Crumbling Republic
– by Mike Adams

Central Bank Gold Buying at Highest Since 1950s, as 30% of World Economies Are Now Sanctioned by the G7
– by Michael Every

Is Biden’s Credit Score Screw Job On Mortgage Pricing Even Legal?
– by Mish Talk

Biden Family Took Tens of Millions from Entities Directly Connected to the CCP, China Military, and Ukraine
– by Jim Hoft

Fox News-Dominion Legal Settlement is Biggest Bait & Switch Scam in History
– by Wayne Root

The Most Dangerous International Treaty Ever Proposed: the New Pandemic Treaty
– by Molly Kingsley

The Worst Atrocity in the History of the World has been Confirmed
– by Robert Malone

The Lockdown Years: Will We Ever Get Accountability?
– by Jeffrey Tucker

Fox News-Dominion Legal Settlement is Biggest Bait & Switch Scam in History
– by Wayne Root

The Global Disinformation Index Censors Conservatives and Their Advertisers to “Starve Them to Death” – Targets Gateway Pundit and Others
– by Joe Hoft

Anti-CRT Measures Adopted by 28 U.S. States
– by Katharina Buchholz

Watch: Why Don’t Black Celebrities Speak Out against Black Crimes?
– by Bill Maher

Warning: SB 5599 Legislation to Legalize Kidnapping and Mutilating Children
– by Alex Jones

Watch: Washington to Castrate Minors without Parental Consent as UN Pushes Legalized Pedophilia
– by Greg Reese

Watch: Top Whistleblower Warns Globalists Are Preparing New Bio Attack / Learn the Secret History of Covid
– by Dr. Rima Laibow and Alex Jones

The Failure of the Federal Reserve: The Covid Boom & Unnecessary Intervention
– by Vibhu Vikramaditya

De-Dollarization: Countries Seeking Alternatives to the U.S. Dollar
– by Bruno Venditti and Sabrina Lam

Video: Bill Maher Slams “Intellectual Cowardice” of Those Who “Just Fall in Line” with Woke Madness
– by Bill Maher

Some Key Questions Surrounding the FOX News Settlement with Dominion Voting Machines
– by Joe Hoft

Never Forget: Not a Single Election Expert Has Been Able to Explain the “Drop and Roll” Phenomenon that Flipped the 2020 Election to Joe Biden
– by Jim Hoft

Listen: Federal Taxes Have Turned Us All into Wage Slaves on the Government Plantation
– by Mike Adams

Watch: Civil Rights Activist Goes Viral for Slamming Reparations on Dr. Phil Show
– by Bob Woodson

Watch: ‘There Is a Serious Danger with the Global Banking System’
– by Elon Musk and Tucker Carlson

Waco 30 Years Later: It Is Not an Atrocity If the Feds Do It
– by James Bovard

FBI Nixed Raid on Tennessee Religious Compound after Waco Massacre
– by Ken Silva

Covid Vaccines Must Be Suspended and a Full Inquiry Launched into How They Were Approved, Say Experts
– by Will Jones

The Great Covid-19 Vaccine Bribe
– by Peter A. McCullough

Watch: RFK Jr. Names the Architects of the Covid Pandemic!
– by Darrin McBreen

Rise of the Petroyuan: the End of the Petrodollar’s Reign and the Impact on Global Markets
– by Nick Giambruno

The US Could Use Some Separation of Media and State
– by Caitlin Johnstone

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Another Weekend of Chaos in Chicago after the City’s New Mayor-Elect Said Black People Should Not Be Subject to “State-Sponsored Policing”.
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Why Is No One Asking Why The Left Is Fighting So Hard to Keep Porn on the Shelves of Our Children’s School Libraries?
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IMF Unveils New Global Currency Known as the “Universal Monetary Unit” to “Transform” World Economy
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Mapped: Air Pollution Levels around the World in 2022
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Biden Regime Leading All Nations into Global Beast System that Would Require Compliance with Digital Health Tyranny Enforced by U.N. World Health Organization
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Fiscal Insanity: the Government Borrows $6 Billion a Day, and We’re Stuck with the Bill
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The Condition of Our Society Has Never Been This Bad, and It Is Only Going to Get Worse
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A New Low: MSM Joins White House to Paint Killers as Victims
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What’s Wrong with ERIC? Judicial Watch Study Details Leftist Roots, Data Concerns & Unlawful Acts
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Ranked: the U.S. Banks with the Most Uninsured Deposits
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The Everything Collapse
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The Fiercest Covid Vaccine Advocates Are Starting to Admit the Truth about the mRNAs
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“Scum of the Earth”: Confronting CNN Outside Trump Tower
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Shock Study: Covid Vaccinated Lose up to 25 Years of Life — Government Data Confirms
– by Josh Sigurdson

The Death of Patriotism: “From 1998 to the Present, the Percentage of Americans Who Say that Patriotism Is an Important Value Has Crashed from 70% to 38%. The Bulk of the Fall Has Happened Since 2019.”
– by Jeffrey Tucker

There Is Only One Winner in the Ukrainian War: the US
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“All Bets Are Off” – Calling for Charges against Biden Crime Family, Pelosi and Other Leftist Politicians
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Watch: “I’m the Expert, I Have a Ph.D!” – Based Audience Laughs at Clueless Professor after He Whiffs on Basic Gender Question
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Weighing in on Trump Indictment: “It’s the Archetypal Abuse of the Prosecutorial Function to Engage in a Political Hit Job, and It’s a Disgrace…”
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Watch: “People Understand We’ve Literally Become a Banana Republic” – Eric Trump Defends Father Following Soros-Funded DA’s Political Indictment
-by Eric Trump

How Governments Use Global Crises to Take More Control
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“Blind Faith” – These Economic Numbers Are Staggering
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WaPo Editor: Russia Detained WSJ Reporter because Putin Thinks Griner Swap ‘Really Worked out in Their Favor’
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